Submitted by lmcshane on Thu, 02/09/2012 - 21:35.

For a great trip--the Megabus to Pittsburgh can't be beat.  Here are some images:

Lunch at Cristos in Cultural District

 Caught the Megabus in CLE at 7:30 a.m. and was fortunate, through serendipity, to have two great, funny, stylish bus buddies to make the trip fly by. When we arrived in Pittsburgh, a young man volunteered to take my friends by bus to the Carnegie to see the Charles "Teenie" Harris exhibit there (saving them the cost of taxi). 

I wanted to just "wing it" with no real plans other than to improve my understanding of Pittsburgh and the layout of the town.  I pride myself on my ability to orient, but will confess, I got lost several times during my visit. But, it was all fun. I enjoyed great people watching especially at Market Square and the Wintergarden complex, where the work force skates during lunch hour.

Pittsburgh is a warm and friendly city with lots to do and see.  It's a visually inviting place and we could learn a lot from Pittsburgh's own realization that past "leaders" demolished significant and important stories. This month, especially, folks are remembering the legacy lost with the demolition of the predominantly African-American Hill District.

Display at August Wilson center

Fortunately, there is much in Pittsburgh that has been preserved and it can be enjoyed over and over again.  For a $30.00 bus ticket from CLE to PIT on the Megabus.


Round trip

Able to get to Pittsburgh by early morning and back to CLE by early evening :) Highlights of the day included lunch at Cristos (like CLE's Nate's only funkier), a personal tour of the Pittsburgh equivalent of CMSD's School of the Arts and visit to 707/709 Gallery showing the scherenschnitte work of Kathryn Carr (somewhat reminiscent of Kara Walker's more provocative scherenschnitte)