Vote NO on ISSUE 18 on May 4th

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Issue 18 & Issue 19 on May 04 Election...Sweeney steering votes

I got a letter in the mail today saying from MARTIN SWEENEY saying that City Council "UNANIMOUSLY" voted yes to place these issues on the ballot... wow..... wake up City of Cleveland residents....



On one side of the page, they write in layman's terms... on the other's almost confusing to read-the way it will read on the ballot....

I'll have to reread it several times to make sure I am NOT supporting the idea of them getting away with more fiscal murder under the premise of "sustaining ward integrity" God...they are really wizards down there at City Hall when it comes to writing up some laws that save them THEIR JOBS through the TERM! 

They didn't work that magic for the water department, the police, or the firefighters that were laid off recently....did they???? Hey-while we are at it.....why can't they draw up a quick law that keeps all those teachers from being laid off at the CMSD???? But, amazingly, they can draw up a CHARTER AMENDMENT that empowers them to remain in their positions even when the Census is going to totally disrupt their "politics" as usual momentum.

Wow....Am I reading this literature accurately? Help me here guys!???

They seem like they are trying to save their own jobs by changing the charter and trying to tell us that it's because they want to insure that we don't get our wards sliced up when the census bureau statistics are in.... they already anticipate the results...but they have known for too long anyhow!

HELLO... They didn't care last year when they pulled that sliced up mess without hesitation which disupted wards throughout Cleveland in an election year, without effective planning, and without consideration for the rest of us! 

Now-they (CITY COUNCIL) need the voters to SAVE THEIR JOBS! I think it's a day late and a dollar short...they created this defunct city environment after years of systematic abuses...perhaps it's time for them to be left out hanging without a job...WHAT COMES AROUND-GOES AROUND...VOTE NO ON ISSUE 18...

Okay...and this is only ISSUE 18.... wait til you catch the other flip side of this coin....

ISSUE 19 is where they are whimsically trying to update the Charter every 10 years instead of 20 years and get 1 year instead of 6 months to finish this process....with a panel of 15 folks...  They are really talented at confusing the little people....experts I'd say. entire year of 15 folks reviewing the City Charter who get paid like $75k per year....hmmmmm?????

I might support this if I knew who who the commission was and (councilman/consultants/etc)... how much direct time was being consumed to make amendments. 

I actually think that if every 4 years when the council was elected-that they were forced to go through direct training and review of the City Charter and Codified Ordinances-that so many LESS Laws would be violated and many more citizens would have justice...but they are apparently shooting from the hip on surviving being council reps without a true awareness of the charter/codified ordinances etc required to be in their positions...

In layman's terms... I will VOTE NO on their proposed amendment ISSUE 18- because it's time for change and it sometimes begins with the same leadership that assisted us in getting into this dysfunctional position in the first place.... CHOP CHOP....let's get rid of the drains on our budget-$75k a councilman at a time... Let the rest get rigidly aligned to shape up or ship out too! 

In accordance with the City of Cleveland Charter, Cleveland City Council appointed a 15 member Charter Review Commission that recommended a series of changes to the City of Cleveland Charter.  Cleveland City Council placed six issues on the ballot that included some of the Charter Review Commission's recommendations and were approved by City of Cleveland voters.  Please click here to view the changes to the Charter as a result of the passage of these amendments.  



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Angel - this appeard to post twice

Angel - this appeared to post twice so I unpublished the apparent copy - if they were different let me know and I can set the copy to publish again... thanks for exploring this issue.

Disrupt IT

Just one copy...TY.

Dear Norm,

TYVM. I was uncertain why it did that...DIAL UP ISSUES.

Thanks for correcting.

; ) 

Franking privileges

  Thank you Angel for this post--Sweeney uses the same playbook.

Cleveland City Council members feel absolutely entitled to abuse council franking privileges and to use our tax dollars for political advertising, to promote their own political agenda, in blatant disregard for the law, because they know we have a toothless Ohio Ethics Commission.  Cimperman did it for Issue 17 and Kevin Kelley did it when he sent out his "ludacris" letter to then Ward 15 residents, while he represented Ward 16.  The slope is so slippery, I only hope that these dinosaur politicians fall into the tar pit and never come out. 

Meanwhile, Brian Cummins never uses his franking privileges to let voters know what he is doing. His abuse of the privilege goes the other way--no information, whatsoever.

We know you tried to inform the public before election.... tried to tell folks what they were in for... but the political machine, the disenfrancisement, and the politicians could not unite for everyone's best interests....

It's time to stop the insanity! Perhaps we should file for a RECALL this week...disrupting their agenda.... They give us's time to give them hell...

Shady high on the hog.... at our expense!!!! Must be nice.

different intrepretation of the warning

AngelW14, I must disagree on lmcshane warning folks on Brian Cummins. It was quite the opposite. Re-read some postings here.  Nice to be on the same page, now, but I don't want to rewrite history when realeno provides a history.


DWebb, I must respectfully note that I shared several communications with Laura here and outside of RN which would not be rewriting history. Regardless...we are here now....and we all have to react effectively, collectively, and without hesitation to things that are affecting our community at large. Prayerfully we can all forge ahead through all the roadblocks that the city council works to throw in front of us.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, it would be worth some more change to see some more of those councilmen lose their seats.... It's time to start cutting out the administration that is not productive and ill afforded anyhow in Cleveland...Maybe the fact that they are the ones at the helm who have driven out hundreds of thousands of folks by systematic abuses and now they have to reap what they have sowed...maybe that will be just the beginning of change!!! 


Have a blessed day! 


A Premise to SB 5....Issues 18/19 City of Cleveland May 2010

When City Council was working to save their behinds and got this legislation passed; were they thinking about the citizen tax payers? 

Were they being realistic; knowing that the population had been reduced well beneath the necessary quotas of sustainability? 

Apparently; they just kept thinking that the leftover citizens would foot the bill while the city really couldn't afford to keep them on the payroll.... How much more manipulation by our public servants should be eat? 

This was an irresonsponsible action last year by our entire City Council. It is reflective of their own lacking ability to be true leaders. They were unable to make sacrifices when our city needed it most. It was unbelievable that they even dared to present this legislation to our citizens. But, they did and even got away with it because that's politics in Cleveland anymore.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"