DebFEE's Appalling Behavior at City Club Debate

Submitted by rmill on Thu, 10/30/2008 - 17:19.

Apparently out of time and ideas (did she ever have one?), DebFEE Sutherland has lost all sense of good taste and decorum in dragging out the race baiting card during the final debate yesterday at the City Club.


In her estimation, it was Commissioner Jones who wants this contest to be about race.  While it is hard to disguise the fact that Commissioner Jones is, in fact, African American, the only mention of race coming from his mouth this entire campaign was to defend Sutherland against attacks that she only chose to run against him because of his race.


Her behavior is reprehensible.  As if her blundering through answers about the county were not enough incentive, this seals the deal as to why she is completely unfit to be a commissioner let alone share a stage with Peter Lawson Jones.


P.S. Rumor has it that the State Auditor will be investigating the financial records of the City of Bay Village for its illegal $15 M slush fund.  Sutherland should start worrying about keeping her job as Mayor. 

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Be Warned. PD has this story and will not print it.

Bay Village operates with an illegal slush fund of over $15 MILLION.  Mayor Sutherland, running for County Commissioner, cuts public safety and raised "fees" on homeowners and citizens over $500,000 while sitting on this illegal money.  Her record has not been examined by the PD because they endorsed her.  Anyone who speaks out against her, pays the consequences.  Sutherland needs to learn there are consequences.  The State Auditor also has the following information and should be investigating.

5705.13 Reserve balance accounts - special revenue fund - capital projects fund

(A) A taxing authority of a subdivision, by resolution or ordinance, may establish reserve balance accounts to accumulate currently available resources for the following purposes:

(1) To stabilize subdivision budgets against cyclical changes in revenues and expenditures;

A reserve balance account established for the purpose described in division (A)(1) of this section may be established in the general fund or in one or more special funds for operating purposes of the subdivision.

The amount of money to be reserved in such an account in any fiscal year shall not exceed five per cent of the revenue credited in the preceding fiscal year to the fund in which the account is established.

Next, Bay Village Ordinance:


There is hereby established under Ohio R.C. 5705.12, and subject to the approval of the Bureau of Inspection and Supervision of Public Offices of the State of Ohio, a General Reserve Fund. Said fund is established for budget stabilization. The total amount in said fund shall not exceed five percent (5%) of the general fund’s revenue for the preceding fiscal year.

(Ord. 99-06. Passed 1-11-99.)

Where is this shown?

A quick search of the State Auditor's site produced no findings for recovery for Bay Village. One could request "Management Letters" by Report Request Inquiry which I did not do. 

 Is there somewhere this is documented?

No finding yet

The transfer of funds was made in December of 2007 and would not yet be entered in the Auditors database.  It is also possible they missed it.  The information has been forwarded to the State Auditor to investigate.


The documentation is clear in  the ORC and Bay Village ordinances as well as the actual transfer in the Minutes of December 3, 2007.  It is all public. 

Bay Village

The community of choice for some urban ex-pats.  Interesting.  I think that WATER plays a part in the suppression of this news story...