El Tropical Loses Appeal, 10th Dist Court Rules

Submitted by citizens4cummins on Wed, 10/21/2009 - 16:17.

The appeal case against El Tropical was ruled on yesterday.  The City won the appeal.  El Tropical should be expected to be closed within the next 45-days as there is a 30-day appeal process (for the Ohio Supreme Court – unlikely).  See link below and attachment for ruling.

D   E   C   I   S   I   O   N   
Rendered on October 20, 2009              

Lumpe & Raber, J. Richard Lumpe, and David A. Raber, for  appellant.   

Richard Cordray, Attorney General, and Scott A. Longo, for  appellee.            

APPEAL from the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.  BROWN, J.

Heriberto Colon, appellant, appeals from a judgment of the Franklin County  Court of Common Pleas, in which the court affirmed the order of the Ohio Liquor Control  Commission ("commission"), appellee. The commission's order affirmed the order of the  Superintendent of the Division of Liquor Control ("division") that denied the 2007-2008  renewal application of appellant's D-5 liquor permit. 

RE:  Colon v. Ohio Liquor Control Comm.      09AP-325      10/20/2009

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Citizen's Win

Rowena Ventura should get a medal for her hard work, tremendous efforts in spearheading the action against El Tropical.  She is to be commended. 

Tremendous Victory for Ward 14

We all need to watch, this could be the most dangerous of times until the liquor padlock is put on the door. The question what will be thier next?

Just like the former Kan Zaman in Ohio City its now a rowdy teen club thats about ready for the plywood.

Hopefully if this happens the City of Cleveland will board up these places real soon.

el tropical

Henry is right about being alert. Thanks to Ms Ventura (and others) who put herself on the line in trying to remedy this problem. But why is citizens4cummins putting this out as if he helped? It is in Santiago's ward, and if Cummins helped in anyway, it would have been real recent (as in election year last couple of months). This bar and patrons has made life miserable and put neighbors in danger of being shot in their own home from stray bullets. How tacky and deceitful can Cummins be? I am sure, skd, that you can can up with some "facts", but I am still waiting for your response to Cummins accepting $2,000 from Sweeney and why you spread false rumors. If you made a mistake, so be it. But please don't repeat  the mistake.

Club Kasablanca 1917 West 25th Street

Please review the Channel 19 coverage.

Club Kasablanca

Thanks, Henry. The police can't let the folks in the condos across the street be bothered by the parties going on. I mean, after all, they buy a place on West 25th on the already designated commercial strip on a main street so now this can't be tolerated? Meanwhile, about a mile away, in a residential area, the entertainment industry has moved in while crowds, parking issues, drunks late at night, and when residents complain, they are told that they are being anti-progress. To open an establishment in Ohio City, the owner has to show a certain number of off street parking slots that his customers would use. Is Tremont and Ohio City not part of the same Cleveland?

Information not deceit

citizens4cummins posted the original message simply to inform folks of the court's ruling. 

No credit was sought or taken just information provided.  We were tracking the case and most residents involved were awaiting the court's decision.  The name calling is getting old and we hope we can all get along after the election.


No name calling involved so please let us not digress to that. citizens4cummins is a campaign committee. There were plenty of neighborhood people, including some realneo posters that could have gotten the word out on this important issue without it ever involving any campaign committee for any candidate anywhere in the continental US.