Expansion of LJ Minor

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LJ Minor is a division of Nestle.  It's a significant employer and provides a tax base in Cleveland.  LJ Minor is on  the West 25th/Pearl Corridor slated for significant investment.   LJ Minor has announced their intention to expand in two phases.  This is a good thing, but it might also undermine the residents in this area as the company has already contacted several property owners about the acquisition of their property.  REALNEO will keep an eye on this developing story.

Concerns about LJ Minor Expansion

  Please see above post--the current July Plain Press also has an article by Jerleen Justus on the LJ Minor Expansion.  Overall, there is development slated along the whole West 25th St. corridor, but who is involved with each project and who stands to benefit is not clearly defined.

Most disturbing of all--as reported in the July Plain Press, TWDC board members are being asked to sign non-disclosure forms when it comes to these projects. 

The Council rep on this Ward 14 project is Brian Cummins.  Please make your concerns heard at 216.664.4238


Laura, the July article just covered the basics and what information was already out to the public.

I am working on a follow up and will be out over the weekend talking to most of the residents.  From a conversation I had with one of the homeowners, packets were mailed out and delivered (requiring signatures)  with very low (humiliating) offers for a number of the properties.

I just found this out today and was rather preplexed and surprised considering all the property the company already owns.

First thought that crossed my mind was - will these people be the next phase of the "Giglio" annihilations?

While this expansion certainly and is a good thing, low-balling offers to people who have spent money and years investing in their homes is really sh......y.



Cleveland based LJ Minor/Nestle Corp. has scheduled a public meeting for Tuesday, August 9, 2011, 5:30 PM, at 2621 West 25th Street, to discuss plans for their multi-million dollar expansion.  Residents/stakeholders interested in participating in the discussion/question/answer session are encouraged to attend this meeting.

Over the past week or so, resident/homeowners living in close proximity of the company have received Fed-X packets containing offer/proposals to purchase their property for minimal monies.  Included in these packets are offers, copies of $1,000 checks payable to the property owner at the time of signing of the agreements to sell. 

Also, it is stated in the documents that LJ Minor Reps. will have the right to inspect the properties prior to purchase and further, should they decide not to buy - the property owner will be allowed to keep the $1,000.  There are other monetary offers listed in the proposals.

What I found missing was certain important consideration, such as - how can anyone who wished to continue living in the Tremont area afford to sell, buy and/or relocte for the low bids of $20, $24, or even $35 thousand dollars.  Some of these residents have not only lived in their homes for a long time but have made substantial investment as well. 

It was brought to me attention today that there is the possibility that Phase II (property buy-out contracts) will not be discussed at this public meeting. 


Vacant land west of LJ Minor

Has any TWDC representative looked at expansion that does not involve homeowners?  There are several vacant lots across from LJ Minor and even development that included non-residential properties north of the current location.


Listed below are properties owned by LJ Minor/Nestle Corp.

Commercial Vacant Lots:  PPNS:  007-23-004, 007-23-128, 008-01-001, 007-23-127, 007-23-007, 007-23-006, 004-06-008, 008-01-002.

Residential Vacant Lots:  PPNS:  007-23-005, 007-23-117, 007-23-123.

Other Parcels:  PPNS:  004-06-009,  004-06-11, 004-06-012 thru 004-04-049, 004-06-084 thru 004-06-086, 008-01-067 thru 008-01-089 and 004-06-010 (Mezi Lumber yd. and bldg.)

All of these properties are in the vicinity of the 2621 West 25th Street facility.  If my calculations are correct, there are approx. 77 parcels.