Finding your district during the County Charter Transition! Step-by-Step

Submitted by dweller1 on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 19:20.

If you get bored reading this post or fall asleep that's perfectly understandable. So, I present to you "How a guy in tech support who documents crap all day, finds his new county district":

1.) Googled "issue 6 cuyahoga county districts". Got a bunch of PD archived stories about the campaign. No luck.

2.) Tried again. Googled "Cuyahoga County Charter". Alright, there we go. Found a link to "Cuyahoga County Charter Transition Advisory Group"

3.) Open web page. Found a link for "Charter".

4.) Big Outline. I'm sure this important, transparent and all, but I just want to know what district I'm in....Hey!!! At the bottom I find "Appendix A - Initial Council Districts" . Clicked on the link.

5.) Map of the county in districts. Good. Where's my neighborhood on this map? Click on the map for larger view.

6.) Still can't read the fine text describing what ward's where. Using Firefox I luckily have an additional browser zoom in Firefox to. just. read. the. fine. text. (I hope others have that function).

7.) Hmmm. The text reads something like "If you're in district such and such you're here". What district of Cleveland am I in? 19? 20? 18?.  Hmmm...

8.) Open New Tab in Firefox to find my ward. Feh. Google "wards city of cleveland"

9.) A Cleveland City Council link called "Find my Ward" Yay! I'll have this figured out!

10.) Open the Cleveland City Council web page. Enter my address in the appropriate 3 fields and click "Find Now!"

11.) Nothing happens, web page simply refreshes...Some gibberish on the page about new wards for 2010. (too much to read into and don't really care right now..)

12.) 1985-86 Cleveland State Vikings men's basketball team "reserve guard", Marty Sweeney, is my councilman. Not only that, he's Council Prez. I'll click on the "Council President" Link.

13.) Web page loads: "Martin J. Sweeney Ward 20 - Council President" Case closed. Now back to the Charter ward map.

14.) Ward 20 is not on the proposed  map....great...back to Cleveland City Council site. Apparently, Marty has a new Ward. Written on the web page: "Follow the 2010-2013 Ward maps link to view the new wards..."

15.) There's no link. (sigh).  Wait a minute..there's link in the text... (luckily I watched "National Treasure" last week).

16.) Open link to: "2010 – 2013 Cleveland City Council Ward Boundaries" web page. "New lines were drawn to include 19 wards in accordance to the November 2008 passage of the Charter Amendment on Council size that ties ward size to population at a 1/25,000 representation ratio...." Blah Blah Blah..

17.) "....follow the links below to view the new ward maps". Take a pot-shot and click on Ward 19 Link (at this point I need to back up what I'm writing to a document because I want to head down to the bar..I can't believe I'm spending new years day....)

18.) Message box opens prompting me  to open an software application: "you have chosen to open WARD which is a BIN file...".  Time to take a leak.

19.) Plan B. Click "Cancel" button on the Message Box window. Try another link on the city web page...

20.) Click on "Overlay map of ward and neighborhood boundaries"

21.) Web page crashes. "Server Error in '/' Application..."

22.) Plan C: Go back to County Council District Map. Guess between "2" and "3" LOL Am I near Linndale? Sure. Okay "3". No...wait. Linndale doesnt look right on this map.

23.) Google "marty sweeneys new ward". First link is a PD article from July. Find in article this quote."If I have the privilege of being re-elected to serve Ward 18..."

24.) Click on webpage tab to county district map.

25.) Finally. It. Is. Number. 2. DONE.

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a fine service

lots to learn about this new process.

you could have hit my campaign FB page!

Update the photo...

The young Republican look is not going to sell anyone on your campaign...Is that even you?  The whole circus is going to make me want to jump a freight train...

Save yourself the trip

It's not funny anymore...I wish we could keep laughing at the buffoons, but it is NOT a joke, when people's lives and our future are at stake.  The time to be juvenile has to stop.  It's time to grow up and make government work...

Chief Exploratory Explorer
Deputy Exploring Explorer
Director of Hotness
Cocktail Czar
Director of Muckraking
Facilitator of Fabulosity
Music Director
Deputy Exploring Explorer
Official Campaign Band
House DJ
Under Secretary of Beer & Bourbon Snobbery, Minister of Photoshop Hilarity
Beer Czar
Killer Nerd
Czar of The OC, Photographer
Rabbi of Guerrilla Qabalah
Sarcasm Czar
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Queen of Tremont
Supreme Chancellor of Chach Control
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Philosopher Laureate
Director of Nonresident Support, General of Medieval Warfare.
Interim Co-Chair of the Department of Redundancy Department
Chief Executive In-Charge of Armed Interstate Commuting & Illicit Activity

This charter thing vanished

This charter thing vanished from my attention and probably every other voter after election night. 

Next thing im wondering is who's going to take this seat in my district? BTW whats the pay for a district counsel rep?

county council


County council - the pay is $45,000 for the part time job.

The county charter pdf can be downloaded at Resident Advocacy Group.

I made myself read it before the election.

RAG, nice map

 Now that is a nice map! Thank you.

Scary words

  Thank you RAG for your map that shows the supreme idiocy of the planners and "experts" who are "re-imagining" our city. 

This is from RE-IMAGINING A More Sustainable Cleveland.  Guess who said it?

We know what recovery looks like.  We've done it before and we'll do it again...

RAG...are you contemplating a run??  You have my respect for mastering the medium.  Go for it.