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What the hell. Who threw the party and didn’t invite me.


George Forbes. That’s who.


George had a going away party for Brent Larkin at Johnny’s downtown last Friday. That’s the place where all the movers and shakers do their moving and shaking. Not much going on, is there?


Around the table with George and Brent were media “stars” Dick Feagler, another recent Plain Dealer retiree, Mike Roberts, former PD city editor and former Cleveland Magazine editor, now a free lance writer and pr representative. Along for some reason, maybe for protection, was Forbes sidekick Powell Caesar, former right-wing columnist for the Sun Press.


Instead of dinner with Andre, it’s lunch with George.


There were lots of laughs from the power group, I’m told.


All invited by Forbes to toast Larkin’s retirement. The former Council President – who surely had bricks thrown at him by several of the attendees at some point – picked up the tab. Some wanted to put him in jail, he didn’t joke.


People passed the table of media/political stars without much attention.

Our day has passed, the luncheon bunch concluded.


They’re right about that.




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I looked at the menu

You're most likely better off eating anything at home than what Johnny's would have offered these guys. Your heart surely appreciates the forced avoidance of the fried mozzarella sticks, etc., though it would have been hospitable of Forbes to have included you. Where have manners gone these days, anyway!?!

This gathering sounds like a balloon that has been sitting in the corner slowly leaking air for some time. After awhile, it is merely a flabby bit of latex destined for a landfill or that great swirl of bird killing garbage in the ocean.

THE Mover (Roldo) is not retiring (withdrawing from contact with others; reserved; shy.) in any sense of the word. He's alive and kicking and posting all over the worldwide web. No one "tells us so" because they want to be able to say "I told you so", but more than most, Roldo, you have told us so. If only more people would take heed! Sigh... Thanks for your diligence and journalistic leadership. You are the cream of the crop of journalists and I am honored to read your posts here and elsewhere.

Over the past two days, as I walked my dog, I have noticed, a large tree down on the next block. Today it is cut up and piled on the treelawn. As the sections are now cut, why the tree fell is evident. Rotten in the core. Probably it should have been carefully removed before it crashed into the houses, but no arborist had apparently been on hand to sound an alarm. You, Roldo, have been sounding the alarm about the rotted sections of our local government. Watch out for falling governments and falling news persons.

Thanks Susan. Much

Thanks Susan. Much appreciated.

I've been told that some among the diners asked why I wasn't there. Actually, it was much better not to be there and, as I was able to do, to write a bit about the gathering.

If you live long enough I believe you find that even your "enemies" take on a humanity that you can appreciate.


As someone else said, "You'll probably outlive us all and write bad obits about us."


I wouldn't mind that.

You can't "handle" the truth

...once you are dead... especially in the eternal real NEO virtual world, which shall outlive us all

Disrupt IT

The expression celebrities

The expression celebrities in their own minds comes to my mind. Roldo are you a journalistic black sheep? Susan has the patent on brown nosing, could she walk by a table if notoriety was present? I am not selectively antagonistic, I do not take sides, fear of being brainwashed and all. Funny thing about being brainwashed, is that you are not aware of it.

I'm afraid "I" doesn't apply

Oengus, since you don't allow us to know who you are, you don't exist. We don't know if you are an individual but for some reason afraid to allow others to know your identity, or a table of people at a PR firm hired by the Cleveland Plain Dealer to disrupt this community. As such, you probably shouldn't even post here - this really is a place for real people.

I am curious why you picked OENGUS, which I assume has something to do with SUGNEO... is their some meaning to SUG?

In general, I recommend to the community that only real people may post, and they must provide real identities in some way to the community, to deal with inappropriate behavior.

We will have a Real.Coop meeting within the next week or so, at my parents house in Shaker, and all real members will be welcome to come and get better acquainted and help develop this community better for the future. Watch realneo events for details.

If you are just a casual reader, now is a good time to sign up and become proactive and involved - everyone I have met from realneo has been very nice and interesting so I don't see anything to fear.

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It is not that I do not

It is not that I do not allow people to know who I am, its that nobody has asked me. Try what is your real name? Its a matter of protocol isn’t it, like knowing a persons name before you invite them to an event?   Actually I am very introverted, not shy just reclusive.  Most preceive me as being very independent. 

I am not getting the connection with sugneo and oengus other than reading it backwards. Oengus is another way of spelling Angus the a name, same pronunciation.

Maybe my being disruptive has to do with the last thing you asked for and keep asking for? It is an object and could be everything….If everyone becomes more accountable then I will rise to the standard or keep stooping to the level.  

Follow the leader or throw rocks at him, I don't know.... 






so, oengus

there's two lines on your account profile.

one asks for your first name, the other asks for your last name.

There are people with one

There are people with one name, Cher, Madonna, Pink….



this message will self-destruct in 15 sec.....

Nice to get acquainted

I appreciate your commitment in the community.

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Nice to know you are real

Can't blame you for being introverted... glad to know you are a real person.

I look forward to our coop getting together and better organizing our technology and community to nurture open trust, respect and understanding - I'm planning to host a REALNEO REAL COOP open house this coming weekend - probably Saturday in Shaker - I'll post something tonight.

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You describe yourself well.

You describe yourself well.

rubber and glue?    

rubber and glue?