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Don't like what you see posted at REALNEO?  Don't read it.  Ignore it. Don't comment on it. Let it die.

Don't form a lynch mob to remove the content--that in itself--defies the notion of FREE
Speech.  Post better content.  Post your images.

(Admin-I would like to see the option to post blog entries with comments disabled--thanks for the lunacy explanation)

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Laura...good answer...

the best to the way...have they corrected  the water problem on Mapledale has been more than a month.  Have you gone to the City Record  of Cleveland site?  There you will find "alot of interesting things" going on with the water dept....also, other stuff going on in Cleveland.  It is the city record of the council members and zoning and building dept. meetings they have each week...

Water Woes

No, the problem(s) and leaks on Mapledale remain--and throughout the City.  I am exhausted by the break down in infrastructure. 

(Thanks for still caring mytown--we are small, but mighty and our voices are getting louder :)

No Dbra...she doesn't mean it THAT way...

These kind of people are just looking for ATTENTION and SUPPORT "FOR" MONEY and enough is enough...please stop "feeding" the fire.  We have other important issues and we don't need to fuel the fire anymore...with all this "stuff that is "important" to them". Dbra, I don't want to argue with you or anyone. Please don't misunderstand me.  Like I said inthe is a shame these individuals used Eveyln as a TOOL.  Shame on them all.



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