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A perfect front porch view

Just thought I'd share my pic of the day, taken from my front porch around 6:00 - 6:30 pm.

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Goodyear audio - isn't it all graffiti?

No sign permits, but they are right inside your house, your porch, and your brain.

I prefer HEK and MEK

funny graffitti

 we were out with the boys and they were mezmerized by that blimp! Jack asked why it was up there and I told him it takes pictures of the baseball game so people can watch it on their tv and the words were advertisements to people sitting in the baseball stadium, for things like Pepsi-Cola. 

He thought that was sO funny - to sell people in the stadium Pepsi Cola!?! then he started making jokes about it taking pictures of people.

Even a 5 year old can understand, Jeff! 

Jeff...the graffiti thing

We have to laugh at ourselves, I suppose...afterall, Cleveland does export humor to rest of the country.
See BHC...nice video work Adam Harvey.  Too bad that Buhrer School only cost 13 million dollars and it's a stone's throw away from Luis Munoz Marin School and those fat letters will be ripped off the school in a matter of time.  And, artist Hector Vega is building a mini-mansion in Kirtland on HUD wages...and that load of manure about being the first dual language school...which LMM and Scranton already offer. 

Yeah, yeah--grumble...grumble.   I love being used.