Ghosts of EC 2: RIP Lil Shit - Hough Harlem Misses U

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 05/19/2010 - 12:55.

In my neighborhood, the "graffiti" is all tagging, either for gangs here (haven't seen much of that lately) or in memory of someone who has died... still see plenty of that. One of the more intense memorial tags in EC is for "Lil Shit" on a beautiful boarded up house off Terrace, in East Cleveland. I assume Lil Shit lived or died here and was much loved by Hough Harlem. Anyone know any details?

I think Lil Shit is still around here.

RIP Lil Shit - Hough Harlem misses U!

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Hough Harlem?

No shit!

Lil Shit is dead...will live on in EC!

A friend told me he grew up with Lil Shit and he is dead - he died elsewhere and Hough Harlem is an unrelated gang from another part of town - the house shown here is just a good visible place to put up tributes and tag in my neighborhood.

He said Lil Shit was a cool dude so I know he is hanging in EC now - I think this is a great house for him for eternity - Hough Harlem will need to find other haunts.

Lil Shit will live on in EC!

Disrupt IT

Live on

Lil Shit