Submitted by jerleen1 on Fri, 11/13/2009 - 16:31.

 I just finished making two sets of these quilted pillows to send to two of my uncles that live back in a hollow of the Virginia Hills.  I wanted to post them next to Jeff's deer photo but I don't know how to do that so I had to do it this way. 


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Posting an image as a comment

Hello Jerleen, Very thoughtful gifts for your relatives.  

To post an image as a comment, log in, under create content click on image, and post the image you which to use to the image gallery on realneo.   Once the image is loaded in the gallery, right click on the image and copy image location (url on realneo server).   Then go to the post to which you which to post the image as a comment, click on the insert image icon, and paste the URL from the image gallery into the insert image box.

Good luck. best jeffb

Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the instructions.  I will try to follow them the next time and hope that I am successful. 

I just finished them and thought that they looked like your friend in  the photo.  The pillows are now packaged and ready for the post office. 

my 2 pillows were stolen at zion nov. 11 from car attempt to

pillow power

my 2 pillows were stolen at zion nov. 11 from my - car -attempt  to make me paroind - to make me think jerleen's envolved - i must be doing a great job in truth to power -

pillow power - my pillows that i used at the park have secret recording stuff that are so small one can't see em - so we got the folks that stole them on electronic stuff-

which is above my pay grade - they'll track em-


yogi and guy

Well, Guy I'm not sure I

Well, Guy I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that - to make you think that I'm involved?  That doesn't make any sense - since I was supporting you and planning on voting for your proposals either way - to take the vote away from the TWDC's proposals.   I think that everyone pretty much knew that.  I was planning on voting for Larry's as well even though he did not get his mailed.  

I don't think anyone told you but I refused to sign in.  I was not about to be used as a game piece in the head count.   If the organizers of that party had wanted to run that meeting by the rules and called the meeting to order as per Robert's Rules of Order - on time - at 6:30pm, with or without quorum, I would have happily went along, but  was not going to allow them to use me as part of the program to hold a meeting, make introductions, speeches, hold a question and answer session, and hold the crowd there for well over an hours without calling that meeting to order in hopes that enough members would straggle in to call quorum.  That was a load of crap - That is TWDC Bullshit.

I am one stubburn old woman - They needed 187 people to call quorum - and by holding  that meeting which is what they did - Making introductions, using a moderator, making speeches, holding an open question and answer session is conducting business - the agenda stated that the meeting would begin at 6:30 - they did not call that meeting to order at 6:30 and declare whether or not there was quorum at 6:30 - I don't care if they ended up with 186 heads at 7:45, I would not have signed in - they were not going to use me as part of their head count game.  I heard that they were whinning about me not signing in - Oh well. Learn how to conduct business and they won't have that problem.


Guy (&Yog) are just teasing you Jerleen

By the way, did you know I am undercover too?

But Guy, did you really have some pillows pilfered?  

best, jeffb

That's ok if he is.  I am a

That's ok if he is.  I am a "sweet, loveable,  kind, generous and sometimes forgiving  STUBBORN OLD LADY and I have a suprise for Guy that he will really like.  It  shall be revealed by the end of the day. 

It does not get any more

It does not get any more real than that....

Guy's suprise is revealed

Guy's suprise is revealed under  blog heading "A Pillow for Guy."  I was unable to deliver it today because I couldn't find him at his usual hang out with Yogi - Lincoln Park.  I'll go looking again tomorrow.  I thought he'd get a kick out it - the photo is the one I used in the Plain Press story last December.   I thought it was rather fitting.  I sort of got a chuckle or two out of making it.



Yogi and Guy's pillow

Jerleen, how so you get the picture on the pillow? Also, what is the latest on the quilting circle? DO you think that it might happen this winter? Remember, I am taking you on your word that one does not have to know how to sew to be part of it. I can refill the coffee cups, though. 

There are a couple of ways -

There are a couple of ways - but today I used the hurry-up&go method.  1. You can take a sheet of freezer paper and iron your fabric onto the slick side (8 1/2 x 11) etc., and put it in your printer, select the photo you wish, select the size and hit print.   When it's finished and the ink is dry, you can pull the freezer paper off and you have the picture right on the fabric.  2.  You can purchase transfer paper, load it in the printer, select the photo, size it and hit print, when it's finished, use a hot iron on a cotton setting and, with the print side down, press hard and iron for a minute or two and then peel the paper off.  There is a third way but it is really messy and stinky and takes too long also involved turpentine.

The quilting, yes, we're still on, but I don't think that Zion Church is the place, the lighting in there is not real good for the eyes and sewing so I'm looking for a better place. Have a couple of ideas but will let you know when I know if they're available. 

picture transfer

Thanks, Jerleen, you make it sound so easy. And you are right about the light at Zion. I worked there at their fundraiser this afternoon. The woman beside me was trying to sew and I realized how dim the lights are even though we were by a window and it was sunny outside. She has a difficult time and had to take stitches out and sew the stuff a couple of times. She is interested in being in the quilters circle when it happens. 

Jefferson or Brooklyn Branch Libraries

Jerleen--both libraries have sky lights and ample light during the day.  And, you are especially welcome!

Thank you Laura that is very

Thank you Laura that is very thoughtful, but I don't think that the Libraries will work for what I have in mind.  I don't think that they would allow a group of laughing, talking, free spirited, coffee clutching, scissor snippin,' rag threaders in the quiet zone.  I want us to have fun - to be able to move about - talk freely - laugh loudly and relax.  Sewing is therapy - If you don't feel like sewing, you don't have to - you can cut squares or just sit and talk. 

I always find it amazing and laugh at the concept all the time - why do people buy big pieces of cloth  to cut up into tiny little pieces and then sew them back together again?    I'm addicted and I have to force myself to throw away even the tiniest scrap. 

I just started a memory quilt.  It is an expierment.  I cut different size squares, bought bought clear photo album holders, cut different size and shapes of fabric to look like picture frames and them attached them to the squares of fabric over the clear photo holders, and also trimmed the frames with different types of lace and adorned them with ribbons, buttons, etc.  left an opening at the top to insert photos.  Now, all I have to do is sew the squares together, quilt the top and the quilt can be used for holidays, or if you have a relative or friend coming to visit, you can insert old pictures and lay the quilt out as a conversation piece or give as a gift.  It a ways from being finished.