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This is what economic development looks like.   I know cuz Ed Morrison told me.   
A friend of mine who is a committed biker clued me into the Pedal Republik of Cleveland last Fall.   Alex (in photo) set up a Ning site for the bike polo group.   They also have a Myspace page which will tell you where and when to find them. The Myspace site instructs that "regardless of rain, snow, or hangovers" the show will go on.   (I took that literally - but the court - with one inch of ice on in it last January - was empty.   I found out today they do it in an indoor parking lot when nature directs)
A few weeks ago the Republik had a tournament bringing in rider$ from all over Ohio and adjacent $tate$. 
So while Chris Kennedy and Tim Hagan and Peter Lawson Jones (forget jd) are banking our money for the big bang (are those guys explosive experts?) what I would be doing is fostering about a thousand Pedal Republiks.   
Then you would see Cleveland Kicking some Ass!


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Thanks for the support Jeff.

Thanks for the support Jeff.

Pedal Power Enhances Civic Space

My avid support for civic activities like Pedal Republik is not just because I have a casual affection for bike polo or bikes. 
It is the healthy, no fossil fuel group engagement  impact of this activity - and  other activities like  ice skating in Toronto - which build a strong civic community through activities shared by its citizenry.
The MEDCON will not do this. 
But meeting weekly with a bunch of your friends on your home brewed tennis-court  polo field will.
Extending the Canal Trail to  Lake Erie and to Whiskey Island will allow NEO citizens to experience wholesome activity while building memories with their friends and family.   These memories and experiences are what make a community fun, attractive and a place you want to work and live.
The MEDCON will not do this.
The County and City will never be healthy (physically or economically) by building big things like the Browns' Stadium, Gateway, and the MEDCON.   In fact, the opposite is true:  NEO is less healthy and less economically viable because millions of dollars of taxpayer funds have been sadly diverted to these empty, dead- end dogs.
What will bring economic and physical health is building small things.  
I recall you telling me that the Cleveland Parks Department did not hinder your building the side boards around the polo "field", but the Department did not help you either.   The Department missed the boat.
Ice rinks, rail trails, parks with night lights for tennis,  bike polo rinks, urban hiking trails,  canal trails, bike lanes on the roadways - these are the building blocks for a new Cleveland and NEO.
Not the MEDCON
Fatty, feel free to cross post any upcoming Pedal Republik activities on Realneo and have fun tomorrow at your usual Sunday event.