I am in contact with the Senator's staff about these conflicts of interest

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 08/02/2010 - 18:48.
MCCO/Case Coal Burner Robert Brown

Mattie Reitman with the Sierra Club just forwarded me his communications with the Chairman of Medical Center Company, Robert Brown - who is Treasurer of Case.... and Senator Sherrod Brown's brother... the PD's Connie Schultz' Brother-in-Law... major regional coal-burner and source-point polluter. Through Brown's leadership MCCO operates a secretive coal burning, polluting steam plant for University Circle in my backyard, causing 1,000s of tons of pollution a year in my backyard, harming us each and every day... which I am fighting with the Sierra Club to shut-down.

Sherrod Brown has proven to be a pro-coal Senator. The PD basically denies global warming exists, loves coal, and ignores the issue of environmental injustice entirely.

I am in contact with the Senator's staff about these conflicts of interest, as I am dealing with his brother's pollution, I don't like that my Senator is pro-coal, I don't like that his wife's monopoly newspaper ignores pollution.

As you will see below, Mattie politely asked Robert Brown to arrange for better communications between MCCO and neighbors like myself, including "putting energy into something like" forums on moving MCCO off coal... and Brown said no.

The Senator's brother responded acknowledging "Medical Center Company’s governing board has made a decision to move away from coal", that their "decisions affect our community"... "we expect at some point to use some sort of public forum both to inform our neighbors and to seek their views"... and "I don’t think public meetings would be useful now, either for the public or for MCCo".

They claim "We are now so early in the planning process, however, and our thinking is so inchoate"... yet they will "move away from coal"... trust them.

Not likely. Brown worked at Jones Day... and on the Healthline... Opportunity Corridor... ODOT funding... see bio from Case linked here and below... this Jones Day babble means nothing more than MCCO intends to game every possible system to burn cheap coal dirty as long as possible to pollute my family and my neighbors for at least another 5 years as always, and they don't intend to inform us or talk to us about anything until it is too late for citizens to protect their health, literally killing us with contempt, as always... just like today.

I would think Case would hire leadership with more compassion - I would think the Senator's brother would have more class.

I intend to seek Robert Brown's resignation from the position of Chairman of MCCO for contempt of those he pollutes. I am the expert on that fact, as my family members are all his direct victims.

Read on, and wonder what the hell the leaders of Case are smoking, besides coal fumes?!?!

Do they really not care at all?!?!

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