I Declare Dianna "AngelnWard14" Hill the Real Winner in Yesterday's Sham Election

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 09/08/2010 - 07:13.

Obama on TV during his Primary
Obama on TV during his Primary

It is my understanding that only 16% of registered voters were willing to be recognized in support of any political-party in Cuyahoga County by voting yesterday - 85% of voters including myself non-voted in Rage Against The Machine. Those non-voters now have to choose between non-voting against everything here... or voting for the party-machine candidates packaged for us by lawyers, monopoly media and industry here... or electing a green or independent candidate for Cuyahoga County Executive. This is an historic moment.

The biggest CHAMPION of the primary was certainly Dianna Hill, who chose to go with her party loyalty and run as a Democrat, despite the negative associations that brings to her in this corrupt region. She received 14% of the Democratic vote, despite being ignored by her party and mis-characterized by the hater media, like the Plain Dealer monopoly-machine, which still characterizes with assassination, like in reporting results of the election today, noting she's "a political unknown who described herself as an ignorant hillbilly" - nice detail to pull out of your asses, you white-trash hick "journalists".

Dianna WON 14% of the vote by being an outstanding, real American and appealing to other real Democrats who are against the fat-ass party scum but still willing to be recognized as Democrats - that Dianna accomplished this by going outside the Politburo blackout that is the commie-media-machine here is astounding - that is a success for social media - REALNEO - and the free world of NEO! Congratulations Dianna - change party to Independent... attack the rude, disrespectful Plain Dealer for tanking your candidacy... you should have won the whole thing!

The rest of the party candidates proved to be so relatively unpopular and irrelevant - more hated than tolerated - it is hard to say any should hold office - but most if not all shall.

Unless David Ellison or one of the independents wakes up and really grasps what it will take to win this election for County Executive - joins forces with ALL citizens rather than cults - go above and beyond the mainstream to really escape the machine - our next county executive is an FBI agent who few real citizens outside Lakewood, Ohio, know, who is the choice of the corrupt Democratic Party of the incompetent state of Ohio.

It is a great embarrassment to be a resident of Cuyahoga County today, and the same people who made this place such a disgrace and disaster - Democrats and Republicans alike - stand ready to continue destroying this place for many more years unless the 85% of the registered voters of Northeast Ohio - and many citizens not registered to vote - who non-voted against the machine yesterday, are able to now vote with real intelligence.

I will be here, with my presence on realNEO and in realNEO, to make certain this community is able to speak and act as independently as possible, to now bring to all the people here independence from the party machine that has clearly failed here.

President Obama, I welcome you to Ohio and encourage you to take every Democratic leader you meet here this trip to Cleveland - old and new - and slap them across the face, spit upon them, and throw them in jail in Guantanamo forever. They have all disgraced you and all citizens and shall be of no value ever again... our independents are your true supporters, for change.

... unless you happen to meet Dianna "AngelnWard14" Hill... she you should lift out of the corrupt hellhole she still calls HER Democratic party, and add HER to your cabinet.

Best withes to you, Mr. President, from Norm at realNEO!

Still a Blogger for Obama!

Thank you, Norm Roulet...

I just found this.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

2002 -21012 Thank you Norm and Dianna

This hasn't been perfect citizen journalism, but the experiment predates many similar social netowrking efforts and it succeeds in telling our messy story here in NEO.  It' not easy to be the bearer of bad news.  I am sorry for all of the pain and heartache this process brought to you and your family.  

First, and foremost, you cared about kids here and fought to clean up the environmental contamination you correctly and clearly identified as the destroyer of lives here. I am sorry that I did not heed your warnings especially with respect to lead levels.

It is obvious that we are poisoning ourselves throughout the country-yesterday's mass murder in Connecticut is proof of that.  I remember Love Canal - it's too bad so many other folks are content to forget.  Norm created the platform here that allows folk to sound the clarion cry.  Thank you, Norm.

***Please see Norm's original post.  The history books will record Dianna Hill's valiant citizen effort.  Thank you, Dianna.