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Here's a link to pictures of the Halloran Ice Rink...a healthy way to start your New Year. Call 216-664-4187 for details.  I wanted to try out Halloran today, but as I am recovering from some viral crud (and it's too bloody cold), I opted to visit the Gaugain Exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art, instead.  I do so ALSO wish that I could skate on the reflective pond in front of the museum...

Here are some snapshots of the day--
Indian Flame Restaurant 216-791-5555
Here is the requisite food shot--the buffet of Northern Indian delights prepared by
Indian Flame restaurant at 11623 Euclid Ave. 44106 216-791-5555.
I was able to catch the lunch time buffet which runs from 11-3:00 p.m.  It was
delicious and I washed it down with a steaming mug of Masala tea.  No liquor served
on the menu, but you can bring your own bottle of wine :)  I am jealous, because
Norm and his family can walk down to the restaurant.  I worked on the proprietors
for a west-side location, but this is it for now--they get heavy lunch traffic from
the Clinic and CWRU, so plan your visit accordingly.

Okay--photos not allowed at the Gaugain exhibit, which BTW--was PACKED!
I was not the only NEO feeling stir crazy.  Why the bathroom photo?  It
was a eureka moment for me.  The white tile and grey grout...why did I
not think of I fight mold and mildew?! Here's the porthole progress
of the atrium, which will make sense, for more all season art appreciation.

Get out and enjoy all that Northeast Ohio has to offer!  Just bundle up.

Last day of the exhibit?  Martin Luther King Day --catch OUR CHILDEN CAN SOAR!

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Best part

The best part of the show for me was the realization that local artists Karen Beckwith and Tom Balbo are keeping the art traditions of papermaking and zinc plate printmaking alive with local CIA students.  Tradition.

ICED lmcshane is a way way post

There is video, there is food, there is photography - a bit of ice - and the museum.

Man, this is a cool multimedia post!  Thanks!



Thanks JeffB--glad that you finally discovered the post.  There are a lot of lost moments archived at REALNEO.

Would hate to lose the memories :)

Especially, the breadcrumbs* we leave here for the FBI, the Attorney General and the Justice Department


* (I am very grateful for the work here--lmiller :)


breadcrumbs placed in the hands of the FBI

regarding Plymouth Park Tax Services, Frank Giglio, Tremont, Sansai and others by yours truly.

I suspect that Plymouth Park Tax Services is part of the Cuyahoga County Corruption probe.  The others we can only hope fit into the probe by the FBI.