Inexpensive nursery plant table

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 05/07/2010 - 17:00.

pallet concrete block nursery plant table

Using 48" pallets and 8" concrete block this image demonstrates a quick, tool-free method of constructing waist high tables for propagating and selling nursery seedlings.   The edge of the pallet can be finisihed with a rough sawn 8" board to make the set up look a little classier, and to provide a raised edge to keep the plant trays from sliding off the pallet. 

This set up would also be strong enought to allow it to be covered with filter fabric and filled with 6" of potting soil - allowing growing directly on the top of the pallets without seed trays.

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Cinder blocks

Cinder blocks are a marvel--I have always wondered who gets credit for them :)

we're off to Hirts' Gardens today!

 Hirts' Gardens - established in 1915 by Samuel Hirt, it is one of Ohio's oldest horticultural establishments. Hirts' specializes in the hard to find. We go there for the Territorial Seeds (organic) tomato and pepper seedlings. They have an amazing variety!


I think I have been to Hirts

Is this the same Hirts that used to be on rt 82 and Pearl? I remember going to a Hirts greenhouse there as child. Their selection looks great.  May next year we could organize a seed swap. I realized I don't have enough seeds saved to be of interest to others.

yes - only now it is in Granger county

 yes - only now it is in Granger Township, on Ridge Rd.

I'm waiting for Bill to get home with the 3yr old - they went to the orchestra percussion thingy and then to Blue Pike Farm. They had their spring open farm today with a huge dirt "mountain" woohOO!

meanwhile, i've been shopping on Hirts' website and have a list... good thing they were gone so long!

btw - Happy Mother's Day, Evelyn - and all you other Moms out there. We do an amazing job, don't we?