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From Mayor Frank Jackson!


Here's the letter:


Hello Friends,

Please see the Business Week article (link below) which recognizes my efforts to protect the City of Cleveland prior to the devastation caused by the sub-prime mortgage market as well as my efforts thereafter to hold Wall Street firms accountable for their actions. Also, please find a link to a Detroit Free Press article on my Urban Agenda that was submitted to the Presidential Candidates prior to the Primaries:




They Warned Us About the Mortgage Crisis - Business Week
State whistleblowers tried to curtail greedy lending—and were thwarted by the Bush Administration and the financial industry


Give urban agenda the debate, support it deserves - Detroit Free Press

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"It was pure greed, based on exploitation." Frank Jackson

Mayor Jackson is the first public leader to state it the way it is - "It was pure greed, based on exploitation." Frank Jackson. Why isn't that the core of our discussions about rebuilding our global economy in a fair and sustainable way?

Props to Mayor Jackson - and GREAT PHOTO!!! 

Disrupt IT

The Gods are Crazy

The Business Week photo is deep...I am really surprised by it. I think the credit goes to Ethan Hill.


Mail from Community Solutions..

5 Things You Need to Know this Week…
Good morning. This is the first issue of a brief new Monday morning feature from Community Solutions, "5 Things You Need to Know this Week." We hope you find it both interesting and helpful as you begin your week. --Roslyn Bucy Miller, director, Community Affairs

1. In the nation…
President-elect Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats are considering major expansions of government-assisted health-care insurance and unemployment compensation as they begin intensive work this week on a two-year economic recovery package. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/04/us/politics/04stimulus.html?_r=1
2.  In the state…
Gov. Ted Strickland and four other governors urged Congress and President-elect Obama to pass a $1 trillion economic stimulus package that would rebuild infrastructure and bail out states awash in red ink. http://blog.cleveland.com/openers/2009/01/strickland_renews_call_for_1_t.html
3.  In the region…
PNC will announce today that National City Bank customers can use the Pittsburgh-based bank's ATMs without fees. Also today, National City's name will change slightly to "National City -- now a part of PNC," in advertising and in letters sent to customers. http://www.wkyc.com/news/local/news_article.aspx?storyid=104306&catid=3

4.  At Community Solutions…
Community Solutions is sponsoring a special presentation by Ohio’s Speaker of the House Armond Budish and House Minority Leader William Batchelder at The City Club this Friday, January 9, at Noon. To register: https://www.cityclub.org/Content/speakers/SpeakerRegister2.aspx?spkID=5700

5.  Of general interest…
Wall Street will open for trading Monday at a two-month high as investors have grown more optimistic that the worst of the market's rout might be over. But, analysts contend, the real test is still to come. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090104/ap_on_bi_ge/wall_street_week_ahead_2
Happy New Year! Please support our work. Reliable information, analysis, and advocacy are more important now than ever. https://www.communitysolutions.com/howhelp/donation/
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FRANK mail


Dear Friend,


Please click here to view my 2009 Urban Agenda – it provides a blueprint for the City of Cleveland during the coming year and is designed to secure Cleveland ’s future.  It is a strategic plan that combines self help through local projects and initiatives as well as federal and state advocacy efforts. 


Many cities throughout Ohio and the nation are struggling to survive the current economy while the City of Cleveland is projecting a balanced budget for 2009 without layoffs or reduction in service.  I have accomplished this feat in an economic climate where municipalities and companies alike are challenged by the global crisis.  This did not just happen but is a result of proper planning, cost reductions and a focus on operational efficiencies that were implemented over the last three years I have been in office.


As we move throughout the year, I will provide you with updates on my progress, successes and challenges.  We will stay the course during 2009 because I believe in Cleveland , its potential and because we are moving in the right direction.







Frank G. Jackson, Mayor

City of Cleveland

lmcshane Thank you so much


Thank you so much for the 2009 Urban Agenda information.   It will come in handy at the next housing meeting I go to.  I think maybe it's time we ask our distinguished Mayor to join us at our next meeting. 

More mail from the Mayor


This afternoon, I delivered my fourth State of the City Address, entitled “It’s Our Time: Bucking National Trends and Building for Tomorrow”.  More than 700 stakeholders from Cleveland , the region and around the world joined me to hear about the progress Cleveland is making.  As I have mentioned in the past, Cleveland is better positioned than most major American cities during this economic crisis because of three years of strong fiscal management.  Today, I am continuing to position Cleveland for the future with an emphasis on regional collaboration, building a green economy and creating opportunities for people to succeed. Please click here to read my speech in its entirety.


Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to continuing to work with you to build the Cleveland of tomorrow.


Warm regards,

Frank G. Jackson, Mayor

City of Cleveland

Jackson on Corrigan

I just don't get it...

Why does Cleveland have so many temporary employees?

Why can't we administer civil service exams? Why wouldn't city employees pass? We're not talkin' SATs or GREs here.

I had to go through testing before I could even apply for my job. My employer upholds stringent requirements to prevent favoritism and cronyism and I am glad. My job is a great place to work and one of the big reasons for that is because they rely on performance to get in and to stay in. I like that. Everyone wins.

What part of cronyism does Mayor Jackson not understand? His refusal to accept the ruling of the courts benefits no one but the employees involved and his administration. It certainly does nOt benefit the city or its residents - what disingenuity. What showmanship. What a sense of autocracy.

If you don't believe me, try to go downtown and pull a permit for something really simple - like putting up a fence that complies with zoning requirements. Or - better yet - make a public records request. I'm on week 8 waiting for someone down there to refill their printer toner to make a legible copy of emails.

a picture speaks a thousand words....

borrowed from ms mc shane (above)and recropped 


Corrigan on Jackson

  Tim Ferris weighs in, too. 

(BTW, I went to grade school with Judge Corrigan--what's in it for me :)