Jewelry - only to be lost or stolen - misery inducing - why do we like Jewelry?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 04/13/2013 - 18:39.

What is it about jewelry that is attractive?   Not the cost, that is unattractive. 

And if you own jewelry you know that owning jewelry is a miserable experience.   You can't remember where you hid it.   And even if you could find it, you would probably lose it if you wore it. 

But it belonged to my Great Great Grandmother!   Where did I put it?



I don't get it. 

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when your not looking for it - you will find it

sophia honey yoga and guy -

Guy, you are wise = what you value is not stone or metal

 Hey Guy,

Top of the Saturday nite to you and Honey,

Beside having the widest reporting intererests of anyone I know, you know what's important!   Not Stone.  Not Metal. 

Realneo is a JEWEL of the community.  

I have to tell you, and I tell all the realneo contributors, and the entire  realneo  audience, that I am very, very appreciative and impressed and respectful of the individuals who hammer away here with such conscienscious, committed, dedicated, and selfless work.   

I am proud and humbled to be associated with all of you!



ditto jeff & family

sophia honey yoga and guy -

Jewels of Realneo....Thank you all!

Light up the area like the Fourth of July....
Brighten up the days...
Glisten as they listen...
Shine as they show their Divine intervention.
Sparkle as they chew up the corruption like sharks.
Tough as diamonds....cutting through the red tape...

Yes....REALNEO definitely has a few GEMS amongst our membership... a few that always get found and always delight others...and who cut deep when they have been worn....But who never cease to shine as they come out of the darkness.................................

We love you all! Thanks for caring!
----Jerleen Justice, Laura McShane, Lily Miller, Old Roser, Guy Templeton Black, Jeff Buster....and many others.....Thanks for remaining steadfast!

Always Appreciative,

Well, if it is 22 karet, it is an investment

 and easily portable. A sort of a hedge against the dollar depreciating at somepoint. Wear it hidden underneath your clothing (and get a concealed carry permit and avoid dark alleys.)

If you invest in gold coins, they might be stolen, unless you pay storage fees to store them in a depository.

"Junk" silver, however, I think is the best hedge/insurance.

But the gold jewelery, which you can buy at, helps you diversify.

And, it would probably make your wife very happy!