John Legend: A Commitment to Truth

Submitted by Eternity on Wed, 05/20/2009 - 14:47.

"A commitment to truth requires a commitment to social justice"

- John Legend, Muscian


Democracy Now - John Legend: “From the war in Iraq to credit-default swaps to the internet bubble to the real estate bubble, too often we got caught up in the hype and fail to see the real truth…Too often, we become apathetic. We see the lies, we see the obfuscation, the deception. And we fail to point it out. We’re afraid to rain on the parade, afraid to rock the boat, afraid to pursue the truth.” Click image to watch video.

John Legend

 John Legend is an impressive artist.  He is setting a gold standard for musicians today.  I love him.  Thanks for this video link.

thanks Max

Being at the farm every day now means I am behind in my regular dose of media. I am whipped after all day in the sun digging, planting, hoeing, raking, carrying water. I turn to realNEO at day's end to learn about what I have missed. So much is discouraging and leaves me feeling hopeless. This was a great boost of inspiration to launch my day away from the farm. Thanks!

Also I hope those library leaders in Atlanta are beginning to see the light you've been shining on the Breuer Library there. Thanks also for the important work you've been doing on that front. Speaking truth to power is no easy task. You do it with soul.

For others reading realNEO, Max has a cool blog - check it out. Max follows realNEO and posts here even though he is in realAtlanta. Max and I met via email and phone around the stupid decision Atlanta Library directors suggeted that might destroy their Breuer designed Central Library. He's a hometown hero for Atlanta. Keep shining your light on the issue Max. They'll see one day.

A lot of work and a lot of fun

Susan, I know the farm work must be some serious manual labor...for REAL!  However, you're doing something to benefit yourself, your community and the planet.  That my friend, is a beautiful thing.

I love RealNeo, and from what I can tell, it seems like there are some real cool people in Ohio that I can really relate to.  The relationships that are being forged by digital communication -- websites -- telephones -- can be and often are quite productive and meaningful.  And if I've learned anything from my preservation efforts for the Downtown Atlanta Library designed by Breuer, is that it takes a make a town. 

It's true.  It really does.  This site speaks to that, and I'm happy to partake.

Nautica August 1


Wow-tickets to John Legend at Nautica are "out there!"  Yikes :)