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The City of New York Parks and Recreation Department and The American Society of Landscape Architects have officially endorsed a competition - named ONE PRIZE - for creating productive green space in Cities.   The Competition SemiFinalists have been chosen and their portfolios PDFs are online.   Take a look at the link to view the clever ideas for rejecting mowing for urban growing.

Even Scotts knows mowing is madness - requiring seeding, weeding, feeding, herbicides, wasted water, wasted gasoline, noise and air pollution - all resulting in ZERO useful product.

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Goats, sheep--pastoral landscape

The origins of our love for lawns--explained here:

Green architecture and the agrarian garden

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Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
New York : Rizzoli, 1988.

A favorite book picked up during my landscape architecture days and lost during one of my many household changes. 

Time to buy it again, or better yet--check it out from The Library.  Natch :)