Name my Ride

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 08/16/2009 - 19:23.

There really is a "new mouse trap" phenomina


  I saw this fellow two summers ago (sorry about the slow report).   
Name his ride.   And tell us how it functions.
Hint. They were not around when the Beach Boys popularized surfing!


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WaveBoard locomotion

Yes, Susan the boy is on a waveboard.   But I think it could be named a "snake board".  
Each of the two wheels are fully castered, and the board's mid-joint allows the front section to rotate longitudinally in relation to the rear section. 
Would you ever have thought that controlled locomotion and directional steering would be possible with this arrangement of  rotating joints?   
Does a snake rotate one section of its torso in relation to another section of torso to slide?  
It would be interesting to look through on-line video to see if there is any slow motion video of snake locomotion, and then compare that to the wave board.