Submitted by crimdefensed on Sat, 11/27/2010 - 12:29.


hello everybody. i'm new here, but have been 'watching' for some time with interest sans malice. i can't say i agree with everything, but i do believe it is a positive for people to be involved and have an opinion. i plan on participating, but in a selective manner. i have no ulterior motives, but do know a bit about the content that seems to be relevant on this site, and also happen to know people who have a problem with some of that content. i really don't care about those people as far as being on one side or the other, but think i might have a good perspective as a result. i am not here to talk for them, about them or to them regarding my participation here, but feel it appropriate to disclose this aas opposed to merely 'stalking' the site. i hope this is o.k. thank you for reading.


Thanks for your consideration in REALNEO.US... Welcome and have a blessed day! 

Thank you for the welcome

Thank you for the welcome ANGELnWard14, as well as your consideration.