No need to ask questions about rugosas, I have new information

Submitted by Oldroser on Sat, 06/18/2011 - 06:16.

I got an email from Jocelynn Clemings, Public Information Officer, about a letter that had been sent out saying that the proposed improvements to the eastbound section of I-90 from I-490 north and eastward to E 14th may necessitate right-of-way from my property and work crews may need to enter my property over the next several weeks to do survey and other work. It mentioned Jason Wise, ODOT's Project Manager, at 216-584-2144.

Ms. Clemings wrote that "You should have recently received a letter from Barr & Prevost, an engineering firm doing work with ODOT on the SECOND Innerbelt Bridge.  This letter was to let you know that survey crews may be entering your property... I wanted to let you know that I just spoke with the Project Manager on that project and it looks like those folks will NOT have to enter your property.

These engineers are performing soil borings (to determine the geology of the ground around where the new bridge is proposed) and inspecting nearby buildings for cracks (which may be caused by the slipping hillside in the area).  Again, these folks shouldn't be bothering you, but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me or call me."

So I wrote her back to verify that the second bridge had a different project manager and asked who I should contact about my landscaping desires (the second bridge project manager getting a cc). She replied:

"Regarding your comments for landscaping, I would suggest putting your requests in writing to Mr. Jason Wise who is the ODOT Project Manager for the second bridge project.  You may do so via e-mail (he is copied above) or standard mail to:

Ohio Department of Transportation
ATTN: Jason Wise
5500 Transportation Blvd.
Garfield Heights, OH  44125

Your comments will be added to public requests for site specific enhancements to be considered.  It is not likely that these type of decision will be made an earlier than next year when detailed design on the project begins. These types of details will be discussed with city planners and community organizations like Tremont West who will all have to agree on the best course of action for the neighborhood!"

I will, of course, write Mr. Wise. But it is a bit, well, rather more than a bit, irritating that no one so far had informed me that a different team will be handling it.

If any of you would also like to see my vision of fragrant, reblooming, hardy rugosa roses underplanted with low-growing herbs, perennials, and self-seeding annuals such as nigella, I would VERY MUCH appreciate it if you would also write/email Mr. Wise! A carbon copy to me would also be appreciated.

I am going to write back and ask which bridge the parking lot falls under.