NO TEXTING - Cleveland City Council's Hi water mark

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 08/20/2009 - 16:11.

Usually when Cleveland City Council takes action, it is to give away a public asset to a private corp.   This legalizes theft from the Citizens of Cleveland.

Zack Reed did  get one thing done.   At every road entering Cleveland City proper, there is a No Texting while Driving sign.   They are up because of the legislation Mr. Reed advanced and had passed.

You may think this is silly and self evident.  But at least it doesn't constitute theft from the public.

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Water and sewer rates

  I am curious to know whether Cleveland City Council has any jurisdiction or control over the sewer/water rates charged to residents?

Can any one enlighten me?

water and sewer

I don't think they do (but Mayor Jackson did) as this is a regional system but we Clevelanders do get cheaper rates. You must have received the latest bills which are just going to get higher. The futher away from the lake the higher the rates. More increases are planned. The billing cycle also has been shortened.