NYTimes reports that medical marijuana ads in small Colorado newspapers boost revenues enough to increase staff

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To those who don't understand the change that is occurring in the civilized world, outside Ohio, consider this new product line from Colorado and realize if you are in Ohio you can't have any - you can't have the health benefits - you can't be an entrepreneur to compete with this product line - you can't innovate in this space - you can't hang out with these innovators or their class of people - you can't access their markets, customers or investors - because you live across the cannabis divide from civilization, in corrupt, coal-brained Ohio.

But you WILL have lots of pollution from coal-burning in your lungs, in Ohio!

Smart? No! Grohio!

Marijuana Soda Provides a High Without the Smoke

One Colorado soda company has developed a line of sodas that have an unusual ingredient: marijuana. Dixie Elixirs has made their drinks available to anyone with a prescription for medical marijuana.

The drinks come in eight different flavors, including pink lemonade, root beer and grape. But if the company really wants to get their drinks into the hands of marijuana lovers, they may want to start working on pizza and nachos flavors.

But marijuana is only legal to consume in 14 states with a prescription from a doctor. So, unless you are one of the approximately half-million people who is a medical marijuana patient, this pot-infused soda won't do you much good.

It's an open secret that you can smoke marijuana and still be a valuable part of society. But when you think of smoking weed, you're more likely to think of Cheech and Chong than the people running the United States government. (Even though at least two U.S. presidents have admitted smoking it.)

The drink makers say part of the reason they developed their line of mary-jane drinks was to remove that "reefer madness" stigma associated with marijuana smokers.

If California voters decide to make recreational marijuana legal this November, you may start seeing these organic sodas (the drink makers really know their audience) in grocery stores and liquor stores right next to the stuff from Pepsi and Coke.

But if Coca-Cola's history is any sign of what the company might do next, they could return to the heady days of putting mind-altering substances in their sodas.

At a time of sagging soda sales, drink makers are looking for a way to boost sales, and marijuana might be the answer. Medical marijuana has already proven an effective way at boosting newspaper sales, of all things. The New York Times reports that medical marijuana ads in small Colorado newspapers boost revenues enough for it to increase the size of its staff.

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the bottles look enticing

I might have to give up my Mad Dog for this stuff.

It won't make you violent, crash your car, rape a friend

It won't make you violent, crash your car, rape a friend or give you a hangover in the morning.

More likely, this will make you want to garden, create art, write a novel or save the world.

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sell it at the new medical mart

Looks like the medical mart is a go unless the new county panel acts fast to kill it. Maybe this drink could be should their to pay their rent. None of the docs I know can understand why anyone thinks that they would go to downtown to looks at a piece of equipment when  the reps bring it in, or truck it in, to where the docd are at.

If this type of drink where sold at MMPI, the docs might come.

That's the spirit - there are solutions on the horizon

That's the spirit - there are solutions on the horizon, after we get rid of our corrupt leadership here.... AND THIS MAY BE DONE WITH HOME RULE IN CLEVELAND.

A CannMart would blow the MedMart up.

But our current leaders here are TOO TOXIC TO SUPPORT THAT, SO THEY MUST GO.

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