PD not news but LITTER

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 08/31/2009 - 20:51.


Every Sunday for the past several months the Plain Dirty Dealer litters neighborhood driveways with throw away advertizing fliers.
This junk isn’t delivered by US mail, and in fact is just thrown in your driveway, on the driveway apron, your lawn, or your tree lawn.  
Why isn’t this unwanted, un-requested eyesore LITTER? It certainly isn’t news.
Where is the law which allows the Dirty Dealer to send a car up and down streets late at night and fling ad crap all over town? Causing every resident to have to pick it up to throw it away.  
There is a second problem which results from trash on the tree lawn: when you don’t pick it up, every passer-by knows you are probably out of town – on vacation.   If you leave for eight days, there are two brightly wrapped indicators of absence.
A little orange or yellow flag marking your home as more vulnerable to robbery. 
The Dirty Dealer’s uninvited litter is a real nuisance.


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Plain Dealer is Junk... Mailer

Plain Dealer Junk Mail

I wrote about junk mail I used to receive from the Plain Dealer, when I lived in Ohio City - that is bad, but having their junk thrown in your driveway seems a clear violation of the law, caller littering. Have you contacted the Shaker Heights law department about this... 10,000s of violations at a fine of $100 per violation could balance the city budget.

They don't bother throwing Plain Dealer junk in the driveways in my neighborhood, or sending it to our zip code... we're too poor to shop, and not people who find the Plain Dealer to their liking... I can't think of a lawn around me showing signs of getting home delivery.

Disrupt IT

at vacant homes

I spotted one of those drivers early one Sunday throwing papers on my yard and onto the yard of the vacant home next door and asked him. He said it was the leftovers. I asked him to please stop delivering it to me and the other non-subscribers (vacant properties) around me. For weeks while this was going on I had triple duty each Sunday - my yard and the vacant houses adjacent to mine. It also lets folks know which houses are vacant - the stuff piles up like a clear sign of vacancy. Is this good for the neighborhood?

again - trash in drive

Once again the Plain Dealer is tossing litter out of car windows in my neighborhood - last Sunday and again today.

That's my doggie. And that bag - that's a week's worth of recycling - no trash to dispose of that week. I'll shred the paper and compost it and use the bag for picking up after the pooch. Sigh...

Like this familiar scene - 3rd class mail overflowing mailboxes

those PDs in the drives (now two - 2 weeks) of vacant homes around me says, come on in - nobody lives here.

how much is the doggie in the picture

nice looking doggie even with the "rear" view. 

Pee Dee trashing neighborhoods

On my walk today I picked up these lovely bits of trash in the neighborhood.

picked up on my walk today - a block further than ysterday's trip which yeilded these (below)

Bags carry a warning that they are a suffocation risk - keep away from children. Indeed.

Another note on the bag asks the recipient to please recycle and gives this address for further instruction: http://www.plasticbagrecycling.org

I searched for a place to recycle the bags following the PD's advice. Here's where they want me to go to recycle this bag:

Mondo Polymer Technologies
27620 State Route 7
PO Box 250
Reno, OH  45773

Reno I down by Marrietta on the banks of the Ohio River. It'd take me about 3 hours or 6 round trip to rcycle this bag if I followed the advice printed on the bag. I wonder if folks do recycle the bags they are handed everyday. Anybody reverted to canvas bags or even just reusing plastic bags? In Ireland it would have cost me the equivalent of 30 cents to get a plastic bag for my groceries. That's right 30 cents per bag.

I wonder how much the PD pays for the purchase and distribution of this blight on our neighborhoods.

Dear PD - Please stop trashing our neighborhoods.


more litter

What is up with all the versions of telephone books? I came home to find a van delivering another version. I walk the bags of phone books to the van, and politely return them, explaining that returning them saves me a trip the the phone book recycling dumpster. A few days later, they are back on my porch!