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The Plain Dealer should desist and apologize for trying to lure city employees to the suburbs.


The PD has put out a “Dear Mayor or Community Director” letter seeking ads that will lure city employees, now free from the residency law, to the suburbs.


The Pee Dee’s stake in this attempt to migrate city residents to the suburbs: advertising.


Here’s what the pitch says:


“On Thursday, June 11, 2009, the Plain Dealer reported on the end of the Cleveland Residency Rule for the City of Cleveland city workers. The end of the residency rule means that city workers can move to the suburbs immediately.


“These workers are heavily concentrated in the zip code 44111, West Park.

“This is a great opportunity for suburbs like yours to specifically market to these residents with stable jobs and growing families, to consider your city as an option for relocation.”


Mayor Frank Jackson should immediately call upon the PD to stop this campaign to remove Cleveland residents to the suburbs.


What kind of Regionalism – which the PD constantly says we need – is this?


The plea asks for internet ads that will help lure people from the city.


Under “DETAILS OF THE PROGRAM” the PD offers a direct mail portion, stating “8 by 10 full color postcard, delivered to 6,606 residents of 44111 who earn at least $40K in income.”


For an Internet portion, the PD offers “Banner ads delivered to the real estate homepage and the city section of Cleveland.com. with 25,000 impressions and ads that will remain “live for 30 days.”


The cost, according to the Plain Dealer, $4,500.


So for a campaign for $4,500 the PD will sell out the city of Cleveland.


Great people.


For more information call, Misty Pennock at 216 970-5928.


Or maybe contact Publisher Terry Egger at 999-4216 or Editor Susan Goldberg at 999-4123 and tell them of your pleasure or displeasure at the PD trying to help carve up what’s left of the carcass we called Cleveland.


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Parasitism to what end?  The PD and the Greater Cleveland Partnership kills the host, and then, what?

Vile, naive and stupid

 >>“This is a great opportunity for suburbs like yours to specifically market to these residents with stable jobs and growing families, to consider your city as an option for relocation.”<<

Oh gee, lets add loss of income tax to the non-existent property taxes from anyone living in a new house in the city!!!

City of Cleveland employees do NOT have stable employment as the continued eroding tax base will eventually erode their jobs.  Particular when they leave the city and assist in destroying what tax base remains.

Let's all move to BAY VILLAGE!

  Maybe I should camp out at Sheryl Hoffman and Abe Bruckman's house in Bay Village, paid for by HUD?!  Plenty of  "clean" Lake Erie water nearby...

Check above response from

Check above response from Susan Goldberg saying the effort was stopped. It was the work of an overly aggressive salesperson and that it went to only one Mayor, of Rocky River.

Very similar to Washington Post scandal... what else?

I'm glad Goldberg called you and did something about this foolishness. I find it hard to believe the chain of responsibility rests with one salesman. As with the Washington Post editorial sell-out scandal, one would think some PD upper management must have approved pricing, concepts, etc.. This project spanned internat and print operations, all the way to direct mail by zip code - very small segmentation all the way to their largest global footprint... the WWW. Considering how tightly controlled the PD appears, it is hard to imagine letters going to mayors of cities without high level approval.

But perhaps their internal communications are so ineffective.

When Doug Clifton first became Editor of the PD, I criticized them for not having email addresses of reporters with their articles and he made that change, almost immediately. But I know they had a very old email system, which may still be ineffective.

When REALNEO member Connie Schultz wrote her editorial about newspaper copyrights and the Internet, I sent her and Publisher Egger an email I'll include below, to which neither ever replied. I sent my original email to Henry Gomez, asking him to forward it to Schultz and Egger through his email account, which he did, but they still didn;t seem to get the message.

I am supportive of the PD, and offer them help and cooperation, but I can't get through to their leadership.

Perhaps the salesman couldn't get through either, and did just proceed without approval.

I've had to.

Disrupt IT


On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 11:48 PM, Norm Roulet<norm [dot] roulet [at] realneo [dot] us> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Egger and Ms. Schultz,
> I was interested by the column "Tighter copyright law could save
> newspapers" - Connie Schultz.
> I'm the founder of REALNEO and REAL COOP and an information systems
> consultant focused on global enterprise telecommunications, so I've
> been working on world-class solutions to your problems at the
> information, technology and intellectual property innovation level for
> nearly two decades.
> The solution involves some innovation but little disruption at the Plain Dealer.
> I have submitted recommendations to Cuyahoga County to fund workforce
> and economic development initiatives in this region focused on open
> source social computing, geographical information systems, supply
> chain management and enterprise resource planning, as infrastructure
> for developing our local foods industry and much more.
> The information, technology and intellectual property innovations that
> will come of these initiatives, and the empowerment they will offer
> citizens in the community - the region - will transform life here,
> which I believe will benefit the Cleveland Plain Dealer in many
> significant ways.
> Connie, as you are a REALNEO member, you are a REAL COOP owner - it is
> this cooperative that solves many problems for the region and the
> Plain Dealer. I'd love to explain, if either of you have an hour or so
> to meet up.
> BTW, I think you both are doing an excellent job, and I certainly want
> to see you succeed.
> Norm Roulet
> norm [at] realneo [dot] us
> --
> Norm Roulet
> REALNEO - 7GEN - Star Neighborhood Development
> 440-220-0919
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Misty Pennock??