Post-Democratic America - by Randy Cunningham - disparity in pay for those who "participate" in "democracy"

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 03/11/2017 - 11:32.
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Randy Cunningham is right-waiting out the opposition

The cabal in Cleveland has all the time in the world (many on the public dime as "elected" officials) to wait us out - just as Budish will wait out the negative opinion on the Q financing and using the media to carefully spin his push for this Gilbert deal by spinning it to a community development issue for Metrohealth Hospital:

Budish has long said that the county's ability to borrow money is limited because so much is owed on previous projects. Three big capital projects have been in discussions. The Q and MetroHealth are two of them. The third is the need to rebuild or replace the county's Justice Center.

Budish, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Destination Cleveland came up with a plan to finance the Q renovations without a tax increase, and now MetroHealth would be transformed without a tax increase.

That leaves only the Justice Center in need of a financing plan.