Progressive Field Brawl Quietly Ignored

Submitted by ralphnadir on Fri, 06/04/2010 - 08:30.

Yesterday, a brawl broke out at Progressive Field between students of Lincoln-West and Rhodes high schools; according to the Plain Dealer's Mark Puente.

In today's PD, the "brawl" has been downgraded to a "fight," and relegated to a short blurb on a back Metro page. Oddly, nobody else has reported on this story...which leads me to believe that it was either A) much ado about nothing, or B) it might be construed as embarrassing to certain parties involved with the recent extension of Dr. Eugene Sanders' contract as CEO of CMSD; and therefore has been quelled. Just last week, there was rioting at the Cleveland Zoo by Cleveland students on a field trip.

Ordinary citizens have no idea what happens at/with CMSD

Ordinary citizens have no idea what happens at/with CMSD... I know I don't. The PD certainly makes us think the worst of the teachers and the best of the board. I think the other way around.... I have kids and know who must treach them.

- thanks for raising our level of concern (we are surely concerned).

Disrupt IT

Follow the Money

Thank you, Norm -- for everything you do, and for providing this forum. I have become persona non grata at the PD, censored heavily; although I don't use any objectionable language. But I have apparently upset the powers-that-be with my comments on, and my links to the Toledo media, which doesn't treat Sanders as though he walks on water.

And as long as I'm going to be quoted here, I thought I might as well join the fun.

Lincoln West High

It looks like the problems there that erupted last fall have not been resolved, and people are anxiously awaiting the last day of school (next Wednesday). I don't expect the Pee Dee to cover stories that will put Sanders in a poor light. 

Padding the Golden Parachute

Should be interesting how Sanders will implement his "Transformation Plan" with a projected student-teacher ratio of 45-1!

Assuming Dan Burns doesn't squeal on him, and he's still around. (Burns is scheduled to go on trial Monday, June 7) Of course, maybe Frank Jackson's brother Nick can take over. And there's the other Jackson brother, who works in security for CMSD. I believe his name is Zeppo. I could be wrong.

First time I've laughed in weeks...

Welcome to realNEO... I hope posting here doesn't get you fired, what with all that job security you all have over there in paradise...

I always wanted to ask a CMSD teacher this question, if you don't mind... do you really have masseuses and indoor pools in the teachers' lounges, like the media says?

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Media Distortion

Thanks, Norm for the warm welcome. My kind of people here. job security...I apologize for the pseudonym...but it is necessary at this time. (Some people on actually think I am THE Ralph Nader!)

Ah..the teachers' lounge--where the heat is set to 85 degrees! (We have a lot of Indian and African-American teachers.) Being more of a Nordic type, I usually avoid it, as the wafting aroma of micro-waved curry can be overwhelming without the prerequisite lager in hand. But I can assure you, the reports of masseuses and indoor pools are greatly exaggerated. In fact, our hot tub has been on the fritz for weeks.

he is funny

I am laughing too..  :)

funny but sad

Under Sanders, students from different gangs in Cleveland were "dumped" at Lincoln West last fall. Fights after school hours spilled out into the streets and had to be handled by the Cleveland Police. Neighbors just locked themselves in when school let out for the day,

Now Transformation Sanders, who could fund 10 teachers with his salary, is raping the union, changing the teachers-student ratio to 45 to 1, closing down schools, and will probably get a raise when the contract is renewed. 

So True

I taught French briefly at LW. I use to run out of there when the bell rang, and gun my MINI through the madding crowd. So, I can relate to what  you write as an accurate description of school letting out there. A normal day was scary! But actually, compared to some schools--LW wasn't that bad compared to some others I've been to. Now, that's really scary!

Raise for Sanders

Yep! The Peter Principle proved again.

But, seriously--Colonel Sanders is doing all he can from his condo in Bratenahl. And he has a great plan!

"last hurrah."

Sanders requested this....

The CEO received an extra year in 2007. But in the last two years, he asked the board not to extend the contract, saying he would wait to be judged on his body of work after five years.

He requested that his contract be extended based on his "body of work."

So what is the issue here?    Give him what he asked for and not this:

If we are going to be successful we have to have continuity and consistency," Jackson said.

continue to be consistent with what?


Consistency and continuity, says Jackson.

My high school has had a new principal EVERY year for the last four years!

Plus, all the teachers at my school have to re-apply for their old jobs.

The only thing consistent is the madness and corruption.

Lincoln vs. Rhodes

  The article did not report that Lincoln West has a history of winning in baseball against Rhodes High.  Rhodes won on the day of the "brawl."  This is non-news.  Typical high school stuff, albeit heightened by CMSD administration's effort to put Lincoln West in the category of unmanageable.

Thanks for joining REALNEO--RN CMSD teacher--I, too, have been banished in my comments at  I consider you--good company.

Ah...the infamous Citizen X!

Ah...the infamous Citizen X! I've admired your handiwork from afar.

"Thanks for joining REALNEO--RN CMSD teacher--I, too, have been banished in my comments at  I consider you--good company."

Likewise....and thank you, Laura...for leading me here. Love your flowers, BTW.


Citizen X

 RNadir--I have never seen the Plain Dealer close comments so quickly on a posted article.  What were they afraid of on the Lincoln West/Rhodes fight post?  The truth?

You might have a good point

You might have a good point there, Laura, Maybe, CMSD wanted it to look like LW was a bunch of wild animals at first; but that tack blew up in their faces when Sanders and CMSD were attacked by numerous posters (can't imagine who would do such a thing, hehe), so they had to shut the whole thing down. Mark Puente--being a real reporter---probably didn't want to play the game: the PD has Tom Ott and others for that.

CMSD Daniel Burns trial--four continuances already


Number: CR-09-531793-A
PO Name: N/A
Next Event: TRIAL SET FOR 06/07/2010 AT 10:00 AM IN ROOM 18A JUSTICE CENTER
Arrested: N/A

I Saw That, Too

I saw that, too---on the county website. Unbelievable! Great timing--right after Sanders's contract is extended. Did you notice that Sanders asked Frank Jackson for more years? I think he's feeling the heat. He knows he's screwed up, but a few more years and he'll be set for life.

I really wonder if Burns and/or Sanders is going to be charged for the Toledo spying that auditor Mary Taylor uncovered. Now, that would be something!

Sanders contract is not extended, yet

I am still holding out hope that the corruption charges against Burns, Briggle et. all and the Toledo Schools audit will bring down Sanders' administration and ultimately reveal some of the dirty dealing orchestrated by the PD, GCP etc.

Good to know there is an inside voice here--Good night for now.


I could be wrong...

...but I think if the Board doesn't do anything by June 1, Sanders automatically gets a one year extension. The delay has been caused by them taking 30 days to decide whether or not to grant his request for more years. At least, that's how I understand it. So, in effect--he's already got the 1 yr. deal.

I am holding out hope, too---for what you said--and that I will have a job come August.


automatic Sanders contract renewal?

Did it kick in?  Keeping everyone confused and in the dark is the agenda.

RNadir--please keep us posted on the machinations. To my mind, this is a "war on poverty" by stealing from folks of limited means. 

How does it not differ from the pogroms of Eastern Europe?  Chasing people from the barest means of survival, over and over, again--ad nauseum?

When does it end? Some where, beyond the pale?


Madness and corruption

The national takedown of public institutions, especially our school systems --has especially left Cleveland teachers blind-sided and powerless under mayoral control of schools. 

It's really a shame that CMSD teachers and parents did not help to support Gerald Henley's efforts to block the school board vote on the transformation plan--

A.G. Bell teachers, especially, should rise up against this theft of public dollars.  The gross irony of the transformation plan is that it closes schools in the very communities that voted in favor of the levy to keep THEIR schools warm, safe and dry.  Every single school closing in the transformation plan predominantly affects African-American neighborhoods.  How is this NOT discriminatory??



Many of my colleagues and friends are black, and to my amazement they all agree that Sanders hates black people, students, and teachers. They make no bones about it, whatsoever.

I'm Back on

Apparently, I've been behaving myself enough to not be censored (at least for now). I give Tom Ott credit for being a good sport. I'm sure I can be a pain in the ass.

2 new articles by him today, and so far I have been given free rein. (Thank God for the Jesuits who molded me into the politely subversive person I am today.)