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“Charities feeling the pinch of crisis,” headlines the Plain Dealer this a.m.

Some, however, aren’t feeling the pinch as we’ll see from taxes collected in January from Cuyahoga County taxpayers.

Just imagine what is happening to poor people, homeless people, people who have run out of their three years of welfare, thanks to former President Bill Clinton and especially thanks to Sen. George Voinovich. As Ohio Governor he was a hard-ass and limited federal welfare in Ohio to three years when the feds allowed five. That means that tens of millions of federal dollars were detoured from Ohio to Mississippi or Georgia. Voinovich also killed general assitance, losing tens of millions of dollars for Cuyahoga County residents.

How many mothers are trying to feed children today with no resources because they ran through the three year Voinovich limit?

Pity that they don’t have lobbyists who can speak for them.

As does multi-millionaire Randy Lerner. In January, Cuyahoga County taxpayers paid $1,271,395.41 to help pay for his football field. A football field, by the way, that remained empty during that month as it does for many months of the year.

The $1.2 million means that taxpayers in total have paid $48,786,844 in “sin” taxes – on cigarettes, liquor, wine and beer – alone to help our needy multi-millionaire Lerner family.

And, of course, we taxpayers paid an extra $3,197,698.92 in January sales taxes to push our “contributions” to $45,340,223.70, sitting around in some bank awaiting the possibility of a new convention center with a medical mart.

Poor people, just get to the end of the line. Or stand outside, please.

I think the solution to the med mart fiasco, to our “charities feeling the pinch,” and the convention center is to turn over that $45 million to help those who are in dire need RIGHT NOW!

Another $1,877,264.99 was collected from taxpayers – cigarette smokers actually – in January for the arts. That makes $38,356,475.76 collected so far for the Arts and Culture.

Maybe some of our foundations which give substantial funds to the large arts organization should instead use that money to help alleviate the serious social needs of our community.

Isn’t time for a poor people’s uprising here and elsewhere?

We don’t even hear much from the Obama administration about the people who have the most dire needs of all. Instead, we hear some complaints about Wall Street bonuses and excesses. Well, who gave them to money for these extravaganzas?

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Do you hear the music?

The rich man does the dancing. The poor man pays the band.

I hear the music


Is this what you had in mind? From The Music Man? Trouble?


My favorite clip from my favorite musical of all time... don't even talk of remakes. Here Robert Preston, as con man par excellence "Professor Harold Hill" plays on the fears of naive and righteous midwestern Americans in order to line his own pockets... simply brilliant. It reminds me of the song and dance certain elected officials have been doing in order to get you to support their wars and stealing your liberties. :) 

and I might add, your tax dollars... this is a good example of disaster capitalism. Oh, dear we NEEEEEEEED the medical mart! We're in a panic to get something, anything... bring on the snake oil salesmen. Hurry!