real estate planning for Cleveland in 2008 - or what are they thinking?

Submitted by Susan Miller on Wed, 10/01/2008 - 12:42.

This news from NYC: Failed Deals Replace Boom in New York Real Estate

and there's this news: Under Strain, Cities Are Cutting Back Projects


But, here is Cleveland, the epicenter of the foreclosure crisis, plans to build a new Medmart/Convention Center seems to be full speed ahead.

Conventional Wisdom The County Is About To Spend Hundreds Of Millions On Another Sure Thing. Just Don't Ask Any Questions.

Ed Morrison posted about this story at BFD and the comments are coming in... no comments at this time from Cleveland+, Samantha Fryberger, Amanda Marko (or Jonathan Murray who seems to always want to argue with Ed Morrison given ample chance)

The most recent comment on the MedMart blog is dated September 30, 2007 at 2:56 am

Do we have more important things to do with this sales tax increase we're spending? What was it my Mom used to say? "First do your homework, then you can go out and play." Mine must be a different kind of conservatism.

Meanwhile, The Cleveland Clinic plans its next major project

Just looking at the parallels here... interesting times 

Elsewhere today, Obama is explaining (for the second day in a row) the details of the bailout plan to the folks he speaks with and McCain is whining about Congress' failure and the media's questioning of his VP pick.


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We'll see who was thinking what...

Over the next few years we will see more hardship that will translate into lower property and income and all other tax revenues for all government, which already has too much debt and bloat at all levels, meaning huge problems everywhere. The only thing that will clear this up, other than the natural cycles of the depression, is the rapid arrest and prosecution of the white collar criminals who caused this, or an actual violent revolution. Both are possible.

Oh... yeah... the MedCon?!?! I don't believe it or the East Bank Flats or any other Port-Barrel silver bullet bailout for the sprawling 1% will get funded by taxpayers now or for a long time, if ever again.

Ha, ha, ha!

Now give us our money back.

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