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Submitted by Susan Miller on Sat, 05/09/2009 - 08:49.

Who would deny a patient his meds? If you think about realNEO as a means to strenghten social well being, where a diverse community of individuals is welcomed... This is an interesting perspective: BLOGS AND THE RISE OF THE GLOBAL CHEAP VITAMIN

"The blogosphere has actually evolved into a therapeutic space for those who have the most challenges (appearance-boundaries, mobility, intensive treatments, etc) with occupying space. Without a doubt, the blog will rise as a powerful “spatial – vitamin”, not just to the sick, lonely, handicapped, immobile but the blogosphere can be anyone’s “spatial – vitamin” -- the cheap (if not free) amazing supplements to increase each of our social stamina, our emotive wellness and cerebral fitness. In a country where healthcare is slipping out of the reach of the young, becoming a burden to the elderly, and becoming expensive for our parents, the blog will surely rise and contour as (an already-labeled) “typing cure”, perhaps the truest form of a miracle drug we had ever seen: the free global chemical-less vitamin."

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mother(s) realneo happy days-nites

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