REQUEST FOR SUPPORT: Please send magazines, Christmas cards or visit a veteran....

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Would you send a card to a disabled veteran???? Please support this request...Thank you all for your consideration! Here are the details for you to take action...May God Bless! Merry Christmas Everyone! 
Showing Support for Our People....
His name is Allen Farkas, 62 years old, Marine, Post 58 (Tremont) member for approx. 6 years.
Allen's mind is as sharp as a whistle but unfortunately his lungs are not doing well. He is diagnosed with COPD and is on oxygen when he walks. He was told his time is limited.
I have visited Allen at St. Augustines Home and his spirits are high. However he is lonely since he has no family left and his only daughter died in a car accident. He would appreciate communication with anyone who would like to talk, write or visit.
He was raised in the Buckeye Road Neighborhood and is of Hungarian Decent. He has been at Post 58 numerous times, before his illness took control, and has met many of our patrons.
Anyone that would like to send a Holiday Card, a letter or visit and drop off magazines please do so. It will be greatly appreciated since Allen has asked me to reach out to our supporters.
Allen Farkas
St. Augustines Manner
# 305
7801 Detroit Ave
Cleveland Ohio 44102
Landline 216-920-5304
Terry Zacharyj
Cmdr. Post 58

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UPDATE: Disabled Veteran Allen Farkas in St. Augustine's NH

If you recall a while back I sent out an E-mail asking our Post 58 members to contact one of our members, Allen Farkas, who is in St. Augustines Nursing Home with COPD and has no family left and could use a friend or someone to say hello. Allen is a 62 year old former Marine who grew up in the Buckeye Hungarian Neighborhood of Cleveland. He has been a dues paying memebr of Post 58 for 6 years.
Since my request for people to contact him the following has taken place;
Member Fred Olsen picked him up and brought him down to the Post where he enjoyed a few Budweisers a 1 shot of Jameison Whiskey.
Member Rocky has visited him 3 times with her boyfriend, Joe.
Members Chris Neff, and Sam Thomas have visited him and call him during the week.
Member Michael Polichuk donated a 19 in TV which we delivered and had them hook up cable in his room.
State Cmdr. Milenovic sent correspondence on behalf of the PLAV State Dept.
Member Dave Sullivan paid a visit to the home and talked about the Marines.
I have visited Al numerious times bringing him soda, chips, peanuts and other goodies from the Canteen.
                 Allen thanks you all and wanted me to say so ! !
Allens address is; St Augustines
                           7801 Detroit
                           Room 305
                           Cleve. Ohio 44102
  Direct Phone       216-920-5304
He would enjoy hearing from anyone or getting a card or letter.
Post 58 Cmdr. Terry Zacharyj

Great holiday gift

Great holiday gift - I'm sure this brings him great joy - through all the hardship expressed here on our community forum there is always the common theme of common people coming together for common people - strangers helping strangers - very redeeming to see that this time of year (when the common needs are felt the most).

Disrupt IT

PD reporters

They won't admit it, but they READ REALNEO everyday.  Does Mike McIntyre have a crush on you ? :)

On tap this week: County Treasurer Jim Rokakis joins us for an exit interview Tuesday and on Christmas Eve Day, we'd love to hear from you about what's wonderful for you during this most wonderful time of the year. It may be a special memory, a meaningful gift, even a holiday disaster that you can laugh about now. Listen in and feel free to call with your thoughts.

Tipoff's Mike McIntyre hosts The Sound of Ideas on WCPN 90.3 FM Monday through Thursday at 9 a.m.

What the hell %$#$!??? I am not even going to bother...

Yes, you will bother...on behalf of those who can't!

Laura, get up, get on the horn, and make that call and get the truth out! Love Ya! SMiles. Have the courage on behalf of all the little people! Smiles.

Rokakis on WCPN--give him more rope

Listen to the show if you can swallow more crap...from the most shamelessly arrogant politician in NEO.

Dianna--I called in twice and my question was not addressed.  You can listen and see that the on-air folks were all hand-picked. You will recognize some of the callers.

I would have asked--how does Jim Rokakis live with himself knowing that his exclusive sale of tax liens to Plymouth Park Tax Services and GLS Capital has left families homeless in NEO?

I also left a comment on the WCPN website, but I also don't expect to see it posted there.  My only hope would be that enough folks listen to this putrid broadcast and are outraged enough to call in the chips against Rokakis.  Give him more air time and he will hang himself.