Rick Nagin: a resume of community accomplishments

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Rick Nagin for Ward 14
Rick Nagin has years of experience working with people and getting things done.
Compare resumes, volunteer, find out more:
1980s Voter registration, political empowerment
Led massive voter registration drives in Ward 14 laying the basis for Hispanic political representation and resulting in an award from Ohio Secretary of State Sherrod Brown.
Worked in campaign of Ed Davila, first Hispanic to run for State Representative.
Worked in Ward 14 community groups defending home owners from land grab by St. Ignatius and opposing police abuse of minorities resulting in establishment of Cleveland Police Civilian Review Board.
1990s Community building
Active member of San Lorenzo Club and coach for Roberto Clemente Little League.
Organized support for the United Farm Workers.
Helped found Grass Roots Political Action Committee (GPAC) and Cleveland Chapter of Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (AFL-CIO).
Ran for City Council three times forging close ties to the people and organizations of Ward 14.
Helped elect Cleveland's first Hispanic Councilman. Hired as his assistant.
2000s Improving lives, saving jobs
Served as Councilman Assistant addressing the problems of the residents of Ward 14 on a daily basis, handling some 40,000 requests for service, working with block clubs and area agencies.
Played a key role in linking Council with organized labor including adoption and implementation of Living Wage Ordinance, assisting union organizing drives at Dreisen Industries and Peterson Nut, building decisive community support for striking Cargill salt miners.
Helped Congressman Kucinich set up Steel Summit that succeeded in saving the Cleveland steel mill, preserving the union contract and saving the jobs of thousands of area workers.
Ran for City Council in Ward 15 winning in the Brooklyn Centre area of new Ward 14.
Staff of AFL-CIO Labor 2006 campaign for Sherrod Brown and Ted Strickland.
Ohio Bureau Chief People's World, member of The Newspaper Guild (Communications Workers of America) and delegate to Cleveland AFL-CIO.
Speakers Bureau, Senior Voice.
Steering Committee Cleveland Jobs With Justice and member of Committees on Immigrant Rights and Employee Free Choice Act.
Labor Coordinator in 2008 primary for Congressman Kucinich.
Full time volunteer in AFL-CIO Labor 2008 campaign for Barack Obama.

Where Does the Money Come From

Mr. Nagin - When it comes to politics, I think it is important to know where the money is coming from.  While I respect volunteerism and community organizing, in looking over your activities for the last 30 years, I'm just curious as to your finances.  In some of your materials, you note that you graduated from Harvard, so I wonder if family wealth has enabled you to devote so much of your time to assisting candidates and running your own campaigns?  It just doesn't seem like being the bureau chief for the communist party paper and working on local campaigns would be very lucrative.  Now days you hear of so many candidates being in the pockets of others, it's just good to know where the money comes from.  Thanks.


From an anonymous poster. Are you also asking Cummins who paid him when he worked in Columbus?

thats the best you can do?

 thats the best you can do?

thats all ya got?

what does it matter? if Nagin were blue blood, wouldn't that speak more to the high quality of his ethics that he is not some high paid corporate schmuck picking the pockets of US working class?

you're losing me sweetheart...

Nagin - Blue Blood?

"If Nagin were blue blood, wouldn't that speak more to the high quality of his ethics...," - yes, it may - that is why I asked the question.  In comparing the candidates work experiences, both show altruistic characteristics.  Cummins did do volunteer work in the Peace Corps, but he then also became a paid trainer/administrator.  According to his materials, Cummins was CFO of the Community Shelter Board in Columbus.  On his website, I see a resume of work experience.

Nagin's website speaks of a lot of campaign and community organizing, union and party activities.  If independent wealth pays the bills, then his devotion to the "working man" may be admirable.  If political parties have paid the bills - and that experience is almost absent from his website, then that also speaks of character........thus, the question.  Thanks.


your logic is still losing me GOV

So... if Nagin were to have been employed by "political parties", as opposed to pulling down six figures working for corporate amerika, that would be a bad thing? or a good thing?

I think you are trying to make something out of nothing and not doing very well at it.

remember - logic - always logic - it won't steer you wrong.

Logic - Money Talks

It does not appear that either candidate in the Ward 14 race was pulling down "six figures working for Corporate America," so I'm not sure where that comes from....

If a candidate's primary source of income for almost 20 years was able to come from what I would consider to be a small fringe 3rd party state chairmanship, that is then not mentioned in the candidate's bio, I would think that was pertinent.  If there was independent wealth, then, as you propose earlier, that could be seen as very positive........

I still think logic would dictate that it is important to know where the money comes from.  It may be making something out of nothing, but I won't know until I know where the money comes from.  Thanks.

something out of fear

 GOV, Nagin ran a small business and his wife also worked (still does). You know this. You come on realneo last month posting stuff about 2d and 3d party affiliations but only question Nagin's.  I have known this man for 25 years. He is a lovely person, has a great wife and 2 wonderful daughters. I am a volunteer now on his campaign. Why? Because he had been a registered Democrat for 40 years. He is also a member of the communist party. Does that concern me? Not in the least. What does bother me is the Cummins only registered to vote when he ran for council a few years ago, and just became a member of the Democratic party. It would bother me that you are asking these questions but never answering one yourself, but I think that you are just here to fan the flames of red baiting and that is your only purpose so why bother asking you anything. Why don't you call Nagin with your questions. Here is the contact information:


Motivation of political candidates

I am interested in the finances of political candidates, as it seems holding office in NEO is more a money-game than a socially responsible act, for most of our office holders. They all seem professional politicians, and all seem to suck at that... how long have we been supporting the Jackson family? How about the Cimpermans? They receive enormous political financial support from the richest and most powerful people in the region and the world, and bring to NEO citizens some of the most polluting source points in the world.

So, what are the motivations of Nagin and Cummins - money, power, or service. These two seem the most likely of the bunch to be motivated by service. If so, and only one may win, perhaps they will pledge now to work together, no matter what, to transform our political system toward one of social service over profit.

Disrupt IT

thats not logic - thats speculation

dear thing.

again - how is a candidate's income coming form a "small fringe 3rd party state chairmanship" "pertinent"? If it even dOEs?

Norm came closer to answering for you, but you have not.

Why is it "important to know where the money comes from"? Were he to have been paid for his work - what of that?

and this, princess  :::::It does not appear that either candidate in the Ward 14 race was pulling down "six figures working for Corporate America," so I'm not sure where that comes from....:::::::: is disingenuous smokescreening - why would you even write that except to deflect from the fact you are not answering my simple question - adding further confusion to the very simple, pointed question?

get to your point, please.

Constructive engagement for progress of Ward 14

Ward 14 citizens, I hope you will continue constructive engagement with whichever candidate wins to drive a new era of progress in your community - that you are so engaged and active to make change through the political process is inspiring and must carry forward for the next four years - hold the winner accountable to all citizens... Ward 14 shows great potential... take charge, redefine the role of your councilman in your lives, and build your community in your best ways.

Take back your streets!

Disrupt IT

give me a break, Norm

You can't see the innuendo in GOV's post? I'd prefer to call him/her on it and point out the reason he/she can't answer a pointed question is his/her obvious intent was to try to throw some slander, stir the pot, through innuendo - which does nothing to advance constructive engagement - does it?

Let's wrap up this election right

Living in EC, we already decided our mayor, and our council candidates are still coming into focus - the campaign hasn't started to heat up yet... and few REALNEO members are likely to debate EC politics here, so I'm watching Ward 14 with awe.

I can't keep up with your disucssions on Ward 14 so I don't have a good read on who is the best candidate or who are the best supporters here. I've met Cummins and like lots of things about him (he is usually on the righter side of City Council decisions), but I have seen concerns about him raised here - I can't say I understand everything going on over there. I don't know Nagin but like what I have learned here. That is my take away so far - two decent candidates with lots of very active supporters.

I'd like to see the candidates up here sharing more of their ideas and addressing some of these questions - or, perhaps, all the Ward 14 folks could put together a top 10 questions list and ask both candidates to answer them - I'd like to hear from the sources.

And, I believe there is a Ward 14 debate coming up - that should be video taped and posted here for further reference, analysis and discussion.

Let's expand how we use the internet to wrap up this election right.

Disrupt IT

oh Norm!

you're too clever.

I guess thats the advantage to knowing (and liking) a person in person, one is less likely to call them on a sideways step...

Each council race matters - no candidate may hide from REALNEO

Even though I can't vote in Ward 14, or in any Cleveland elections, your shitty politicians cause me great harm, so I want to see better results in all wards and city hall. What happens in Cleveland DOES NOT STAY in Cleveland - your shit is my shit.

So, I'm going to help you guys shovel through the shit until we get some decent people in all offices in the region - enough is enough - no candidate may hide from REALNEO.

Disrupt IT

all the more

reason i like you, norm... and your pretty wife and adorable kids!

no debates are scheduled

There are not any scheduled debates for ward 14. There are meet the council rep 14, mayoral and REFORM  meetings, one at Brooklyn Center and one in Tremont. They are 2 hours long, and all of this gets somehow fitted into the 2 hours.