Sackett Elementary School (May 1984= Burns)

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In the late 1970's & early 1980's, Sackett Elementary School was at the corner of our street. All the kids were able to walk to the corner and play leisurely at the school yard surrounded by the black rought iron steel fences. We could play for hours and still hear our parents yelling from the front porches. It was a time to be remembered. Throughout the year we children enjoyed the school grounds. Kids from all over the neighborhood came to play at that location. It was a place where kids found friendship, tested their skills, climbed fire escapes, played hide n seek, and rode their bikes off boards lifted up in the air by bricks. I can remember the droves of kids that found friendship and united at that school....

Back then, there were hillbillies, Puerto Ricans, Polish kids, Irish, Italians and many more races amidst the ranks. When it came to football games, softball games, or kickball teams....the only concern was who got to be on which team...There were many memories created during those days. The neighborhood boys would build their mini bikes and go carts and take them down to the corner school for a test drive. During the winter, the kids would hang out on the corner to crab a bumper and take a ride behind a car down the street on the heels of their sneakers. While some of the kids were not public school kids as they enjoyed going to either St. Rocco's or Blessed Sacrament Schools; when it came to playtime; we were all friends.

I recall when the school burned down, all the kids came to the front of those black gates where they stood in disbelief and mourning. It was a very sad day watching the ladder fire trucks spraying water on the flames that poured out the windows. The next day when the Plain Dealer published the story about the fire; there was our friend on the front page of the paper... His mother saw that paper that morning and woke him up early with the paper....

I don't know the dates that the school burned down; but does anyone have access to the archives of that paper? It was a "FRONT PAGE" Story.  Over 30 years later; I feel blessed to say that we are still "friends"... No drama has prevented us from having fond memories of childhood. On Sunday, I opened the paper and saw the obituary of this friend's dad. My heart broke for my friend. I can recall just 5 years ago him standing at my mom's funeral. She had always adored him. She always thought the world of this friend and he was one of the neighborhood kids that could do "no wrong" in her eyes. (Smiles).

My friend's parents were first generation Italian immigrants from the old country. They came here speaking no English...but learned and enjoyed their lives in America. They had strong work ethic and had a loving family. Yesterday, I arrived at that funeral home with a heavy heart for my friend. All I could think was that "words need not be spoken".... Sometimes, just being there for someone you've known your entire life is sincerely all that matters. We don't see each other regularly or even talk often. Lately, we are lucky to bump into each other at funerals. But somehow; no matter what life changes we experience; we shall always be connected by a childhood shared in our community.

There are no words to express my sympathies for their loss. No words can take away the pain that comes with the sudden loss of a loved one.  I know what it's like to lose a parent. It really cuts you deep. I also know it hurts more when you are very close to your parents. To see the beautiful family photos that honor his loving family would say it all. I know the exhaustion of standing through a funeral and having countless friends show up to share your loss. My candles are lit for his family at this time. My prayers and thoughts remain with them indefinitely. Only time will ease the pain. As time moves on, I pray that all the friends and family who share this loss today will remain steadfast for the endurance.

May God Bless.

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Plain Dealer Archive Request: Sackett School Burned

If anyone has access to the newspaper front page article about Sackett Elementary School burning down in the early 1980's, please post it here... Thanks..

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

May 1984, Sackett Elementary Burns

No words....May the Circle Be UNBROKEN...

can express my sympathy for my friend who is faced with the loss of his mother only a couple weeks after the loss of his dad...unreal. I sat in shock this morning over coffee with the church elders as someone who didn't know that I knew this person's family noted that my friend's mom passed the other day. My heart truly goes out to thier family. May God wrap his arms around each of them.

" May the Circle Be Unbroken..."

There are loved ones in the glory[1]
Whose dear forms you often miss.
When you close your earthly story,
Will you join them in their bliss?
Will the circle be unbroken
By and by, Lord, by and by?
There's a better home awaiting
In the sky, Lord, in the sky
In the joyous days of childhood
Oft they told of wondrous love
Pointed to the dying Saviour;
Now they dwell with Him above.
You remember songs of heaven
Which you sang with childish voice.
Do you love the hymns they taught you,
Or are songs of earth your choice?
You can picture happy gath'rings
Round the fireside long ago,
And you think of tearful partings
When they left you here below.
One by one their seats were emptied.
One by one they went away.
Now the family is parted.
Will it be complete one day?



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"