Tim Donavon Cleveland Board of Zoning Appeals / Director Ohio Canal Corridor Delinquent Property Tax Foreclosure & Warrant

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TIM DONOVAN      http://www.cleveland.com/mycleveland/index.ssf/2012/04/tim_donovan_helps_to_revive_a.html


Tim Donovan has run the Ohio Canal Corridor for 22 years.   Donovan is also an employee for the City of Cleveland - Board of Zoning Appeals.


According to Donovan's Linkedin Summary:

QAs director of Ohio Canal Corridor, I have led the organization from a 3-person Board of Directors with a budget of $1,000/year to a non-profit group with an internal budget that surpasses $250,000/annually and whose economic investments in the region have exceeded $250 million.
The Ohio Canal Corridor is an irresponsible financial trail  in which it's illustrious leader  should have and could have finished a simple trail a decade ago.   The estimated cost is now listed at $57 million:
Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail Extension


Project: New recreation trails
Location: Harvard Road north to Canal Basin Park, beneath the Detroit-Superior Bridge
Size: 6 miles in length
Developer: Towpath Trail Partnership – Cuyahoga County Engineer, City of Cleveland, Ohio Canal Corridor and Cleveland Metroparks
Architect(s): None Listed
Cost: $57 million
Status: To be constructed in three phases, all to be completed between 2014-2016


It is believed that Tim Donovan's combined annual salary (including perks) is nearly $100,000.
The board of zoning appeals is a very important decision making body. Unfortunately the only qualifications for this position appear to be political loyalty.
The same qualifications for director of the Ohio Canal Corridor.
In 2006, Tim Donovan purchased the property located at 3421 Mapledale Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.


Transfer Date: 02-OCT-06 AFN Number: 200610021084 Receipt:
Parcel Deed Type Vol / Page Sales Amt Convey. Fee Convey. No Multiple Sale / No. of Parcels
015-19-107 Quit Claim Deed / $65,100 $260.40 105679 0 / 1
Grantee(s) Grantor(s)
Mcmanamon James F


Tim Donovan must have believed that he was above paying property taxes as a perk to his political positions. 
NO property taxes have been paid on this property for several years.
Delinquent property taxes owed $ 16,359.18
Two tax liens were sold to tax lien investors:


Date Recorded: 12/16/2008 Number of Pages: 2
Book: Page: Amount: $1,917.55


Type Last Name First Name M. Name Detail