Trayvon trial - our system is no longer effective

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 07/12/2013 - 22:25.

 Juries are no longer effective.  if they ever were.   Is there a better concept?   

what are the alternatives to "jury" trial?   Of our peers?   

Much like Harry Potter here.   Weird. 

I am not impressed with the present judicial system. 

The Zimmerman/Martin jury has no window through which to escape.  

Why is it that the jury is damned?


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Might Makes RIGHT

 "Stand your ground" is just a euphemism for MIght makes Right.   Biblical stuff.

Biggest Gun is always Right.   Ask the survivor.    

My kind of place.  


Gun up the Constitution,  I'm in.  Mov'n to Florida!


While I didn't follow the trial, I watched either CNN or BCC

interview a legal expert, who said there was more than reasonable doubt, Zimmerman never should have been prosecuted and the verdict was correct. However, he went on to say that the  facts of the matter and what is reported in the media are vastly different.

So why are you upset? Did you not read the true facts? Or is it just the liberal knee-jerk guilt that makes you rush to denounce Mr. Zimmerman.

The media and the president seem determined to make this a racial issue, inflaming passions. I don't hear the same about the high black on black crime.

Yes, the percentage of black in jail is higher than for others, yes too many policeman automatically suspect and harass blacks.

Does this mean that even when there is great, reasonable doubt a white man should automatically be convicted? Two wrongs don't make a right.

I hear nothing about problems others face such as my Muslim Pakistani friend who endures such grief whenever he flies that he is thinking of not flying any more.

You actually want us to give up our Second Amendment rights? Like the others that are being shredded?

Haven't you read of the many instances where someone was able to defend their children when their homes were invaded and more than one door knocked down by villains? Criminals will always have guns. You don't want people to be able to defend themselves and their family? What are they supposed to do?

I do agree that one should take a course, as I did, before carrying a gun. Guns should, of course, be secured so children cannot get access to them, unless they are old enough to have been trained how to properly use them.

I never in my life thought that I would ever shoot a gun. But things have come to such a pass that last year I felt it necessary to take a concealed carry course and buy a gun. I didn't want anyone to think because I am old, have medical issues and walk with a cane that I was an easy target, so I put the paper target from the practice range, riddled with bullets in the center mass, in my upstairs window.

I was glad that I was able to do this. You don't think I should be able to exercise my constitutional right?

Many years ago, I commented to my first spiritual director, that I had not had anyone go out of their way to make me welcome to church the way they were doing to my black friend Cyprian. He explained it was "liberal guilt." I thought it was insincere and unfair.

Let's be fair and concentrate on facts not emotions. And try to not inflame tensions.

S.O.B. (Son of Butcher) says he was Zimmerman once

It happened to him, very similar. He mentions that the same Zimmerman found not guilty recently heroically saved a family from a burning car.

Some comments below are idiotic, some interesting contrasting points of view. One person quotes Buchanan's comment about it.

Read about it here