Submitted by Roldo on Sat, 08/29/2009 - 16:47.

This is what passes as news at Ch. 8, Fox’s WJW-TV these days.


This was sent by a young woman living in Minneapolis to her parents. This was not supposed to be comedy but maybe main stream TV news is picking up on John Stewart without even knowing it. Giving us laughs about the nonsense of the news even on the news!

Try it. Things can’t get much more ridiculous:


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From the same school of

From the same school of thought that brought us the tea baggers, is now telling us scat is term used by naturalists? I shudder at what people will find if they Google scat…it has other connotations in urban subculture.


Thanks, I needed that laugh. One of my favorites was "I'm faster than a bear" , another "the bear scats in the woods".  I bet bear scat is great for the compost pile.  This is what the bear would have looked like.....on another network.