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 Letter dated November 24, 2008, which according to TWDC Executive Chris Garland, was written by Kristen Trolio.

Question is - under who's direction and authority?

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great jerleen i call you later and coach you how to do letters

jerleen i call you later and coach you how to do letters etc.

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Is the letter on official letterhead, or was that forged too?

and Trolio wasn't FIRed for this????

 and Trolio wasn't FIRed for this????

what exactly do you have to do to get fired at TWDC, because this verges on criminal. My original understanding was that she wrote a letter on TWDC letterhead and made a false statement - this is outright forgery...


jeezus... so much for representing your community, eh Kristen? You should be ashamed of yourself.

probably promoted

as she fits right in.  Pretty good at designing letterhead too.

As you can read in TWDC

As you can read in TWDC Executive Director Chris Garland's statement, no disciplinary actions were needed or taken.  I have an inkling that even if Kristen wrote the letter, it was under somebody elses direction.

I was present at the November Board meeting when this was first surfacing and when the subject came up non-board members (me) were escorted into an upstairs back room.  Even though I couldn't make out what was being said, I could hear a bit of angry yelling going back and forth.  Once I was allowed back into the room you could cut the tension with a knife.

Lena invited me to attend one of their block club meetings and Councilman Brian Cummins was present when the letters were discussed.

It has since been rumored that TWDC personnel have plans of attempting to move the block club meeting location out of the Scranton/Castle CMHA Complex.  This would be a great disadvantage to the residents in this building since many of them are disabled/handicapped and have a hard time getting out and about.  Any denial of TWDC community services to these people is nothing short of retaliation.



another reason to not let TWDC take over your block club

another reason to not let TWDC take over your block club...

was Kristen Trolio at the November Board meeting?

No she was not.  Also, in

No she was not. 

Also, in my initial conversation with Lena back in November, I was actually invited to attend several block club meetings.  She was really concerned about the treatment they received from TWDC inasmuch as the only time they get any thing out of them is when they show up and want their block club membership to attend a meeting to vote on something.  During this past annual meeting they were so outraged that more than  20  members showed up and voted no on the new by-law changes and articles of incorporation.

Secondly, TWDC has no business attempting to re-locate the block club meeting place simply because block clubs are independent constituent groups.   Currently this is just a rumor but I will be staying on top of it and rest assured that I will continue to attend this groups block club meetings.

Cummins power consolidation at the expense of residents?

I understand the near west area of Cleveland is highly controversial these days... not just for this issue as you wrote in the Plain Press but with regarding to the rapid reformation of Stockyards Development Corp and its taking over areas of Old Brooklyn:

"The following letter was sent to Daryl Rush, the Director of the City of Cleveland’s Community Development department, on March 26, 2010. It was also sent to a  number of other employees within that department, Cleveland City Council members and staff from a number of CDC’s and related organizations."

"The letter describes some important concerns we as an organization have with how decisions are potentially being made regarding the re-structuring of the Stockyards CDC. These decisions may affect our CDC’s service area, mainly having a portion of Brooklyn Centre (Ward 14) being covered by one or more other CDC’s."

more here....

If you follow the link, you will find report of questionable behavior by Mr. Brian Cummins, the new(ish) councilperson.

Stockyards - the new TWDC?

Cummins - making Santiago look like a choir boy?

This matter was discussed at

This matter was discussed at the last TWDC Board meeting.  I believe, at least the way I understood it, was that Councilman Cummins is in the process of attempting to divvy up the services needed and contract them out to other CDC's.  This would make TWDC one of the organizations receiving monetary funds as compensation for their work.

As the discussions went around the table as to how this feat would be accomplished, ex-board member Sandy Smith (who also attended the last meeting and threw her name in the hat to be re-elected by the board members to fill one of the two vacant chairs) said she thought they should take the money and run. 

My input on that was - they have work to do in their own back yard before they go sticking their noses in other people's territory.