U.S. government secretly collecting data on millions of Verizon users: (EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL secret goverments)

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Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order, the Guardian reported, Verizon Business Services must provide the NSA “on an ongoing daily basis” with information from calls between the U.S. and overseas—as well as from calls made entirely inside the U.S. Calls made entirely overseas were not affected. It was unclear whether phones in other Verizon divisions—its regular cellphone operations, for instance—were similarly targeted.

The American Civil Liberties Union denounced the scope of the surveillance. "It’s analogous to the FBI stationing an agent outside every home in the country to track who goes in and who comes out," said Jameel Jaffer, ACLU deputy legal director. The organization's legislative counsel, Michelle Richardson, bluntly branded the surveillance "unconstitutional" and insisted "the government should end it and disclose its full scope, and Congress should initiate a full investigation."

And former Vice President Al Gore sharply condemned the government's actions on Twitter:




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Nothing New...just, Exposed...

This spying and tracking has been going on, since, who, knows how long!  This came to my attention when the grocery stores were "giving you a "discount" card" which, in my opinion is "a tracking device".... Excuse me... for being so "blunt" in my opinion...my first thought was... "Oh, now, they want to know...WHERE I AM BUYING MY TOILET TISSUE and WHAT TIME I AM BUYING IT and HOW MUCH I AM PAYING FOR IT!"....the only other thing...They don't know... IS....\ WHAT TIME I AM WIPING MY BEHIND WITH IT!  ..... IT'S ALL ON THE RECIEPT..... KEEP YOR RECIEPTS...YOU REALLY CAN"T BELIEVE HOW IMPORTANT THAT "PIECE" OF PAPER IS OR WILL BE TO SOMEDAY....


 Wrong post - sorry Guy

Whistleblower exposed enormous dimensions of this, some time ago

 He was pretty much ignored, and still is, even as proof of some of what he said is slowly coming out. We owe brave whistleblower a huge debt!

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