What do you expect from the new Cuyahoga County Executive in 2011?

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Fri, 04/16/2010 - 18:07.

So, government is going to change come 2011 in Cuyahoga County with new leadership and management. In November, we are going to vote for new County Council members and a new County Executive... what are we voting for this time? 

I sincerely am curious-without ridicule, what the citizens of Cuyahoga County would ask for from a County Executive? If you had a candidate in front of you, what would be your humble CITIZEN EXPECTATION LIST? 

I have met a great deal of citizens who have decided to NOT VOTE because of the generations of corruption that have destroyed their view of democracy... If you are one of those folks, what would make you want to vote this round? 

Let's not wait until the ballots are dictated by the corrupt to invite new leadership to the ballots...What kind of candidates would you support? We have a few months left until we elect our first County Executive and County Council. Are you going to be a proactive voter or let this election pass you by without stepping up to the ballot box and submitting your vote, allowing your voice to be heard? 

Who would you nominate to be on the Council and why? 


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Congresswomen Fudge offers opportunity to hear the candidates

Good timing, Angel - I just posted about a forum tomorrow hosted by Congresswomen Fudge that should have all the current candidates presenting their platforms... this will be interesting to see and hear!

Good opportunity to hear the candidates and ask some questions.

Perhaps this is worth recording?!?! What do you think?

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Saturday @ John Adams HS--wish I could be there....

Norm, pretty amazing coincidence. Smiles...

I want to be there so much...but my starter blew out last night before the country coffee house visit...I went today to 2 junk yards to get a starter-but after buying one, getting back here and putting it back together-it was no good and I'll have to return it tomorrow and start over. I would love to be there...and just might make it happen. If God is willing and the creek doesn't rise....I'll be there and see what's happening...


Meet the County Executive Candidates Saturday

Start: 2010/04/17 - 10:00am
End: 2010/04/17 - 12:00pm
Timezone: Etc/GMT-4

Please join Congresswomen Marcia Fudge as she welcomes the candidates who will be running for CUYAHOGA COUNTY EXECUTIVE. In this open forum each candidate will present their platform and field questions from those in attendance. Please come out and let your voice be heard as we move towards a new beginning in Cuyahoga County government.

Saturday April 17, 2010
10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

John Adams High School
3817 Martin Luther King Drive
Cleveland, Ohio 44105

11th Congressional District Community Caucus


We seek to educate, advocate and identify issues affecting the residents of the 11th District. As the issue emerges, the Caucus will act as the voice of the people.


1. To provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of information and solutions concerning issues facing the community.

2. To support and conduct non-partisan research, educational and information activities to increase citizen understanding of public policy issues, to influence public policy through non-partisan education and advocacy.

3. To advance the economic, educational and social needs of the community through development of leaders and public information.


John Adams High School
3817 Martin Luther King Drive

Cleveland, OH, 44105

United States

Did anyone attend this event-can you share your feedback?

Hey did anyone attend the event last week? What's your take on the candidates? 

I attended - didn't see enough to say - when is the next debate?

It was an excellent and well attended event - props to Congresswoman Fudge.

I missed the first half of the event so can't fairly say how the candidates did - far too early to suggest who is best qualified to lead.

The good news is that there was a public forum and the candidates, people and organizers all did the right things. It was a humble event.

Congresswoman Fudge used the occassion to have a representative of the US Census talk about how important it is for people to complete their census forms, and she spke about prison re-enrty legislation she has sponsored - she is a good leader.

We'll see if we may find a few more good local leaders out of all this county re-org process... when is the next debate?

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PD article about County Executive Candidates

I only expect

to spend more money on a panel that will be spread out over the county, and that includes the council members salary, benefits, office and travel expenses, and of course, their staff salary, benefits, and expenses.

For County Executive,  I have zero expectations. 

I hope others have a more positive approach. (I really, really want to find a positive here).

Of course, I will research the candidates for my District 7, and choose someone that I think is good. I have looked at the list, and feel that there is some time before I have to decide.

As for Jennifer Brunner, you go, girl! Now, this is someone that I can get excited about.

After seeing their first debate....

Absolute disaster.

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Jennifer Brunner

Is the only "politician" I can get excited about...although, I think that calling her a politician is almost an insult.  She is a mom. She will work hard to make things right. 

We need Jennifer Brunner in the Senate.

For those who don't vote....a reason TO VOTE....

Since no one's paying attention...maybe Cuyahoga county voters will inadvertantly elect a person who -IMPORTUNED A MINOR, committed murder, and even one with a hit & run conviction... or  since there's one on the list of candidates running for County Executive and for another district..... Time to get proactive guys.

(This was not meant to offend our actively engaged folks who are already aware of these facts about the candidates...

This is meant to educate and awaken the voters who are NOT paying attention to their community at large... It's meant to awaken the voters who QUIT VOTING and invite them back into the democratic process to make their voices heard... and it's meant to ask those who have "STOPPED" voting to Think twice about sitting on the bench and it's meant to ask you to vote for change from the "Business as usual format!" 


Info on several candidates from the Plain Dealer...

As one blogger on Cleveland.com states, "....Besides Jeffrey Johnson, whom voters elected to Cleveland City Council this past November. If I remember correctly he was caught ON CAMERA of accepting a bribe...
Then we have Rosel C. Hurley III, was (is?) a POLICE SGT. in Cleveland whom in 2003 got CONVICTED of a HIT-AND-RUN...
Then we have John Boyd, PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN whom was CONVICTED of SECOND-DEGREE MURDER in 1973 and SEVERAL OTHER FELONIES in 1980's and 1990's...
AND then we have Tim Russo, LAWYER & POLITICIAL OPERATIVE whom was CONVICTED in 2002 of IMPORTUNING...
Does ANYTHING sound FAMILIAR to you?
Lets see, with just these three possible "candidates" we have, a law enforcement-POLICE SGT., a LAWYER / POLITICAL OPERATIVE and a PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN-and in their vast portfolio's of expertise includes but is probably not limited to: hit-and-run, second-degree murder and importuning!
Just LOOK at what the clowns/stooges/CROOKS that we have now and apparently are having a very DIFFICULT time in REMOVING have done without this SPECIALIZED education in their "tool box's"!
IF this was NOT so SERIOUS it would be a JOKE...
I am all for forgiving, redeemption and rehabilitation. However, the qualifications and proven character that these positions must have without hesitation or question if we hope to succeed as this county can NOT afford many more aggregious "mistakes on the job".
P.S. Gerald Boldt possibly throwing his hat in the ring. Oh boy. All I'll say is: LOOK into his history-check out the mess (PD has this) of his former safety dir., Bob Dzinskie(sp. wrong). Oh! And J. Kevin Kelley was his protege!!!
The "pickins" are really interesting..."

Tim Russo, Candidate for District 7 & County Executive