Proposal for intergenerational guitar classes by Charlie Mossbrook

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 02/10/2007 - 04:01.

As my first post since became, I'd like to propose a program of Intergenerational guitar classes, I believe Charlie Mossbrook will be happy to instruct. There should be a suggested payment for the class, to compensate Charlie. I'd love to see the classes held in East Cleveland - perhaps the Helen Brown Center or MacGregor, or both. The class would be open to all ages from say 12 up. I believe the only other thing we would need is guitars - so I guess we will need to ask for donations.

So, if anyone reading realneo has a guitar they can spare, contact me through this site or at realneo [at] inbox [dot] com.

Let's get some sponsorship

Intergen Guitar Camp - I like it.  Let's see if local music vendors might subscribe to our 'axe donation program' - one guitar per vendor - then feature the guitars as intergen showpieces that inspire while being treated like gold.  On site art pieces, perhaps that local artists could embellish with their creative designs.   Not compeltely public art statements comnissioned by RealNEO - and signed by local artists.

Great stuff.  Lets do it...