What is the W. 25th Trailhead? And where?

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Cleveland puts tight seal on West Shoreway bike path deletion.

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l Cleveland’s lakefront bike path and the promise of a Chicago-style lakefront buzzing with activity have been stripped out of the West Shoreway project—because the city of Cleveland views it as “not a necessity” when measured against a tunnel at W. 73rd Street which has seeped from $19 to $34 million.

...It would rather pursue the W. 73rd Street access point, which is primarily a tunnel for cars to access a marginal road and the Shoreway—and jettison bike/pedestrian access, connections and investments happening not just at Battery Park but in Ohio City and Tremont (who are losers in this deal with the W. 25th trailhead going away), Clifton, Lakewood and the region.

What W. 25th Trailhead is he talking about? The Towpath Trail doesn't come out on W. 25th. There are to be bike paths down W. 14th and along Abbey I believe, so you are very close to W. 25th when Abbey ends at Gehring.

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Biking in Cleveland

  Thanks for the link to GCBL--which I haven't looked at for years...

 I attended the bike summit recently (for a brief time) and was discouraged by the inertia.  I will try and dig up the old shoreway bike maps, if they do exist. I have no idea how there could be a West 25th St. trailhead, either.

I do have a suggestion for the City, if they want to hire a real Sustainablity Manager with Andrew Watterson bailing--Jeff Sugalski.