Where do you keep your chickens?

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Wed, 08/26/2009 - 12:13.

And what do you do with your dryer when it don't work no more?

Here's one way to keep your chickens dry. Pete Betchik of Madison on the Lake, Ohio built a chicken shelter using found materials. "The frame is made from wooden pallets, the roof also is pallet wood. The sides are old steel shelves. The inside is lined with old pizza boxes, the nest box was once used to ship fresh fish to market, and the front door was an industrial clothes dryer front."

-- Clothes Dryer Chicken Coop, Street Use

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What a great idea!



i wonder

if it would pass the required city of cleveland building and housing review? seriously - would it?

In an old armoir

We got our chickens (thanks DBRA... they are sweet) before we got our coop, but we had an old armoir with a big hole in the side that, laid on its back (enclosed in a fence, in a fence), seems to make our five chicks very happy, and keeps them safe from the racoons...

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i want to kiss

 that brahma - he's s a gem! (i did give him a kiss goodbye)