03.01.05 Tuesday@REI: "Prelude to the New Energy Debate in Northeast Ohio"

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"Prelude to the
New Energy Debate in Northeast Ohio"

From TransTech and the New Energy
Roundtable (NER)

The recently
created New Energy Roundtable has identified five areas that connect Energy,
Sustainability and Economic Development. The group hosted at Case’s Center for
Regional Economic Issues is composed of scientists, entrepreneurs, energy
specialists, economic development and community development professionals, and
other individuals and organizations from across the region. (Learn more:
New Energy

The five areas
identified to focus on initially are: network mapping of Northeast Ohio’s energy
community; transportation related opportunities; stationary energy
opportunities; energy conservation; and the role of Northeast Ohio universities
in advocacy, technology transfer, joint purchasing of New energy.

The debate is not
so much about when or if the Hydrogen economy will materialize, as it is about
what can we do today related to sustainably balancing energy supply and demand,
and leveraging related Economic Development opportunities in our region.

The purpose of the
Prelude to the debate is to discuss a framework for the debate and develop a
base of understanding of the energy source categories, the relative time frames
for new or cleaner sources of energy to reach commercialization and scale, and
actionable opportunities.

New Energy
Roundtable speakers:

  • Dick
    Hydrogen Standards Engineer, Swagelok
  • Phil
    Biofuels, Owner, Analog Motors LLC
  • Elaine Barnes
    Alternative fuels: Executive Director, Cleveland Green Building Coalition; Board
    of Directors, Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition; former Program Manager, DOE
    Clean Cities (alternative fuel vehicles and technology) and Ohio Department Of
    Development's Office of Energy Efficiency.
  • Cyrus Taylor,
    Director of the Physics Entrepreneurship Program; Coordinator of Case's Science
    Entrepreneurship Programs,Co-Director of InTICE, the Institute for
    Technology Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship; theoretical and
    experimental high energy physics; leader in creating new programs aimed at
    empowering scientists as entrepreneurs; named a Fellow of the American Physical
    Society "for providing a new paradigm for graduate education in Physics through
    the creation of an innovative Physics Entrepreneurship Master's Program."
  • James
    Senior Energy and Utility Analyst, National City Private Client Group
  • Peter
    Alternative Fuels Market Manager, Swagelok
  • Tom Szilagyi
    Biodiesel Marketer, Sunrise Agricultural Cooperative, Inc.
  • Phillip
    Photovoltaics and flight experiments; Principal Investigator for a new dust
    characterization tool for use on Mars; team leader developing an electronics
    system to measure solar cell performance on the Materials International Space
    Station Experiment (MISSE-5); member international working group developing the
    ISO standard for measuring solar cells for space applications; coordinator for
    an international solar cell measurement round robin and the Conference Chairman
    for the 18th Space Photovoltaics Research and Technology conference; actively
    involved in the development and characterization of new semiconductor materials
    and solar cell measurement techniques; research interests include solar power
    for planetary missions,thermophotovoltaics, alphavoltaics, integrated micro
    power systems and semiconductor physics.
  • David
    President, Advanced Hydro Solutions a company that seeks to redevelop existing
    dams that have had hydroelectric generation on them in the past or are suitable
    for adaptation for that purpose. AHS has approval from First Energy to utilize
    the Gorge Dam on the Cuyahoga River, which was built in 1912 and produced power
    for over 45 years. AHS will redevelop this site and construct a new power house
    that will provide stable renewable energy to support around 2,000 homes. This
    project is located in the Gorge Metro Park and involves mitigating environmental
    and aesthetic issues.
  • Steve
    Green Energy Ohio
  • Moderator:
    Herb Crowther,

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