Bridging the Distance--A Celebration Bridging Two Neighborhoods

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The reconstruction of the Fulton Road Bridge started a great new tradition for Brooklyn Centre and Old Brooklyn.

Please join the fun and discover that REAL neighborhoods are great places to live for folks of all ages.

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Thank you Councilman Kevin Kelley

I would like to take photos of the Bridging the Distance event, but I will not be in town on this date. 

Please, folks--attend and take photos. This is a GREAT family event.  It's positive and exhilarating.  And, it has been heavily advertised in the Plain Dealer, thanks especially to Councilman Kevin Kelley  (I would link here to the City Council page, but it's not working....!!! The server at is taking too long to respond.)

Also, of note--the Brooklyn Centre Naturalists figured prominently in the Old Brooklyn Quarterly circulated in this week's Plain Dealer. 

Thank you Gloria and Sharon for being so WONDERFUL.