This is Cleveland (All the Stuff I See)

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What happens when you provide disposable cameras to 30 people selected at random and allow them to photograph "their" Cleveland over a 10 day period?

Come to Low Life Gallery on June 12th to see the results.  This is more of a social experiment than a true photography show and you will never view this city the same again. 

This is Cleveland (All the Stuff I See) opening reception is June 12th from 7-11 p.m.

Low Life Gallery

Brooklyn Centre


16001 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH 44110
United States
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REALNEO meet-up

  Discussions have flown around about hosting a REALNEO meet-up.  Just want to let everyone know that I plan on attending this event and the Salon de Refuse event the following Friday---

Either event might be a good chance to SEE each other--out and about in REALNEO.  And, with a little luck, we might be able to find a nearby place to reconvene.  All welcome--how should we identify ourselves?!

I may be a little biased...

But the art show at the Salon des Refuses next Friday June 19th would be a great meetup location!  We have a large, lovely community garden where the "socializing" part of the event will take place, so everyone can hang out there after taking a quick peak at the show. Atmostphere is fun and very community/family oriented. Content of the art show is a bit more adult-targeted, but not inappropriate for anyone. We'd love to have you all. 5-10 pm.


**Also, just in case you missed the Vegan Chili Rumble, 1387 East Blvd. is a great new spot you should all know about.