Final W+R events for 2008!

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Final W+R events for 2008!

Mark your calendars for the remaining 2008 events:

CPD Bicycle Benefit!

Sponsored by The Harp and Heineken With A Heart
Support getting CPD officers on bicycles for a safer, cleaner, healthier and better Cleveland. We are "passing the helmet" to raise money to buy CPD officers bicycle equipment. Donate online or at the party and be entered to win fantatstic prizes. You can also donate at The Harp where a portion of every Heineken from now until Aug 23 will go towards the CPD Bicycle Benefit.Click here for prizes, more info, to donate and to enter.

Sunday August 24: Walk+Roll Cleveland - 11am to 6pm - FREE! In Rockefeller Park and The Cultural Gardens. This is our signature event where we open the park to people by closing the street to cars. The Hungarian Cultural Garden will be celebrating their 70-year anniversary. Artists are invited to sell their creations. Everyone is invited to bring their talent, their creativity and their smiles to Rockefeller Park! More activities and groups added daily. Click here for a sampling of activities.

Sat-Sun Sept 20-21: Sparx Gallery Hop adds a Bicycle Route! Numerous Cleveland arts festivals, artists studios and gallery tours will be linked by a bicycle route! This year, you can take the traditional trolley or you can ride your bicycle. Highlights include Tremont Arts Fest, CMA Chalk Festival, The Galleria Arts District, The St-Clair Superior Arts Quarter, Little Italy's Arts District and childrens arts activities at Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital. More details soon, so mark your calendar.

To see a video of the smashing success that was Walk+Roll Lakewood, click here.


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Cycling Cleveland

I made the mistake of riding mid-day today (85 degrees) from Harvard to Rockside Rd. The only consolation? After six miles, you can rest your weary bones at Thornburg Station and soak up the air-conditioning at Yours Truly or Carvel Ice Cream. Next time, I will make the trip in the a.m. and treat myself to breakfast. Yours Truly opens at 6:30 a.m. One note of interest--the flood marker near Harvard Ave--Cuyahoga River crested at 23'7" in 2006.

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This comes under the heading "Since you mentioned it."

Back in the early 50s, about 4 of us guys rode our bikes from the middle of Lakewood to Shaker Square and back. These were NOT gear shifting English rigs: These were old balloon tire Roadmasters and Schwinns.

Took the entire day.

Wish I could do that again.

Wish I could do a LOT of things again.

"Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic but will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path to destruction." Thomas Jefferson

Towpath Trail

I forgot to mention I rode on the Towpath Trail--yesterday and today.  Yesterday, Labor Day, the trail was humming with families of all shapes, sizes and colors.  Today, the trail was less heavily trafficked and the demographic shifted more towards older males.  Really, it does pay to use or lose it, as Tim recommends.

An aside--I also rode on Broadview and Schaaf Rds. which are being torn up in parts by Dominion as the gas company replaces lines on these roads.  The sidewalks are going to get replaced.  Is there a missed opportunity here?  Both roads are part of the designated National Scenic Byway.

Another aside--I almost hit a buck with my bicycle near the Alcoa plant.  Wow--that would have been embarassing.