Gravity and Grace : the Art of El Anatsui

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"If you think that great contemporary art comes only from developed countries in the West, or from cities in fast-growing parts of China, India or Latin America, think again.

Anatsui's immense and astonishing creations show that Africa is very much a continent to reckon with, artistically speaking — and we're not speaking of an ethno-kitsch revival of traditional tribal masks and the like.

The Akron show focuses on more than a dozen large-scale works made by Anatsui and an army of assistants from thousands of discarded liquor-bottle caps or milk-can lids fastened together with short bits of copper wire."
-Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer


Akron Art Museum
One South High
Akron, OH 44208
United States
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Weekend ART

Definitely, make the trip to the Akron Art Museum this weekend for the El Anatsui exhibit, and bring the kids.  You will come away refreshed and inspired.