Michelle Alexander Author of the New Jim Crow at Olivet Bapitist Church

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Seating is FREE but registration required at http://www.oibc.org

October 25, 2012 Cleveland, OH: Olivet Institutional Baptist Church 8712 Quincy Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106 Time: TBA Contact: Rev. Leah C. K. Lewis, lcarol [dot] leewis [at] gmail [dot] com http://newjimcrow.com/guides.html


Olivet Baptist Church
8712 Quincy Avenue
Cleveland , OH 44016
United States
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End Mass Incarceration-at John Hay HS

The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, a network of several thousand progressive black churches, has created a faith-based study guide for The New Jim Crow to help facilitate study groups and consciousness raising in black faith communities. Click here to purchase the guide.

An interfaith study guide for The New Jim Crow written in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. is being developed by The Veterans of Hope Project and will be available soon.

Guides for high school students and guides aimed at the support of grassroots organizing efforts are also in early stages of development by organizations that share a commitment to ending mass incarceration.

NOTE: Location has been changed to John Hays High School due to structural issues at the church: